May 23, 2024

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Putin ordered the Russian military to deploy troops in areas separated from Ukraine

President Putin has ordered the Defense Ministry to deploy troops in the eastern regions of Ukraine with the aim of “maintaining peace.” “On the appeal of the President of the Donetsk People’s Republic, [ordeno] Until the agreement is signed, the Russian Ministry of Defense must provide a guarantee [de amistad, cooperación y asistencia mutua] Operated by the Russian Armed Forces Duties of peacekeepers in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic“, Prays Order Published by RT.

The timetable for sorting or its size is not stated in the documents, each one page long and published on the site of the Russian database of legal texts.

Russia has been stationing tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s borders for two weeks, according to Western sources.

Putin’s decision this afternoon told the country that he recognizes the independence of the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lukansk, citing Russian speakers and justifying the protection of four million people at risk of genocide.

“Russia has every right to defend its security and that is what we will do,” he said, adding that after Ukraine’s assurance that joining NATO was only a period of time, Western nations were ignoring Moscow’s concerns.

This recognition opens the door for Putin to legalize the deployment of Russian troops to the region. Donetsk And LuganskUnder the argument of protecting Russian-speaking citizens.

Earlier, the leaders of two pro-Russian separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, Denis Bushlin of the DNR (People’s Republic) Donetsk) And Leonid Paseknik, LNR (People’s Republic) Lugansk) The Russian President recognized their independence and called for the implementation of “security cooperation”.

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At the end of the meeting, which aired on Russian television, Putin told members of his Security Council that “I heard your opinion and the decision will be made today.”

Unlike Crimea, Russia at this time avoided annexing or recognizing the region, and argued that Ukraine should be given a special status that would compromise its sovereignty over the Ukrainian government, the El Pais newspaper recalled.

Kiev has always insisted that the 2015 Minsk Peace Accords were signed to bring about a ceasefire, including the restoration of its borders.

Putin reiterated that “Ukraine is being used as a tool for confrontation with our country, which poses a serious threat and is very important to us.”

Russia’s priority is “security, not conflict”The President added during an extraordinary meeting of the Russian Security Council.

Putin’s statements come after Russia announced its security forces on Monday Removed two groups of Ukrainian saboteurs Kiev denied reports that they had entered its territory and that Ukraine had bombed a border checkpoint.

“Tonight, two groups of saboteurs from the Ukrainian army crossed into the Russian border. Russia (FSB), Alexander Portnikov during the Security Council meeting.

Western nations fear that Moscow, which has stationed 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, will provide an excuse in recent days for intense fighting with Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine for an invasion.

The cross-examination of the allegations between Kiev and Moscow underscores the efforts of European leaders to find a diplomatic solution that will putin’s pushing for a summit with the US president. Joe Biden.

The French president announced the summit between Putin and Biden on Sunday but on Monday described the Kremlin as “pre-empting” the idea.

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For its part, the White House considers the invasion of Ukraine imminent, and accuses Russia of trying to “crush” the Ukrainian people.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said a Russian military operation was “particularly brutal” and “could result in the loss of lives of Ukrainians and Russians, civilians or soldiers.”

Moscow denies plans to occupy Ukraine, but guarantees that this former Soviet republic will never join. NATO And the result of the expansion of that alliance to its boundaries. Their demands have so far been rejected by the West.

The separatists on their side said Three civilians have been killed in the past 24 hoursAs well as an explosives depot in the area NovasovskAccused of “Ukrainian saboteurs.”

Authorities in two pro-Russian “republics” ordered the mobilization of men during the war and the expulsion of civilians to Russia. Moscow said on Monday that 61,000 people had been evacuated from the area.

Pro-Russian separatists who have revolted against Kiev have been waging a conflict in the east of the country, which has massacred more than 14,000 people since 2014 after Russia annexed Ukrainian Crimea.

Western nations have threatened catastrophic sanctions in the event of repression in Ukraine.