June 25, 2024

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“Amen, Francis replies”: they gave the Pope a green handkerchief and said that a woman who had an abortion could not be left alone.

“Amen, Francis replies”: they gave the Pope a green handkerchief and said that a woman who had an abortion could not be left alone.

ROME.- He is asked if he knows Tinder –“no”–, if he has a cell phone –“no” – and about topics forbidden in the Catholic Church. Sexism, abuse, loss of faith, gender identity, mistreatment of LGBT+ people, even abortion. A young Argentine, Santiago del Estero, Catholic, pro-abortionist and feminist. Gives him a green handkerchief “with great love and respect”.: An image that shocks Argentina’s skies. “I appreciate it”Says Pope Francis.

All this can be found here Amen, replies FranciscoA documentary premiered on Star+ this Wednesday in which the Pontiff agrees Hand in hand for over an hour with a group of 10 young people between the ages of 20 and 25, come from different countries and with different experiences. A former Peruvian nun, a “non-binary” person, an immigrant, an abuse victim, a young woman devoted to Internet pornography and an anti-abortion Catholic woman share a speech with the Catholic Church’s supreme leader. Finally says the Pope “I learned a lot from you”He is never blasphemous, but instead exudes his pastor’s soul and ability to listen and open beyond everything.

Francisco during the recordingDavid Herons

The special was filmed outside the Vatican in a location outside the Vatican in Pigneto, an alternative part of the Roman region, with Catalan journalist Jordi Evoll – Marius Sánchez – who interviewed the Pope last June. In an interview NationThey said they saw Francisco’s documentary in early November, too Nothing is censored. “It was incredible that the Pope did not touch anything, I think any world leader you give him the opportunity to touch an interview that should be seen by the whole world, he will touch, the Pope has been very generous in this matter and has given us a vote of confidence from one minute of this project”, they said.

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During the special event, the young Argentine presents the Pope with a green scarf – meaning surrender – and passionately tells him that it is for him. “It’s a very difficult transition” to find oneself simultaneously a Catholic and an abortionist.. Francisco, who half-heartedly condemns abortion — which was dealt a severe blow by its legalization in Argentina — underscores, as he has done on other occasions, the need for an attitude of grace and mercy. To support women who are forced to resort to this procedure.

“You have greatly emphasized the understanding of the woman who has an abortion. In this regard, I always say to the priests that when a person approaches this situation with a sense of guilt, the stigma of a woman’s abortion is difficult: ‘Please don’t ask too much, be kind’, Like Jesus, then accepts everyone. One remembers that no matter how many sins he commits and the whole world leaves him, the Lord does not leave him. “But the problem of abortion should be looked at scientifically and coldly. Any treasury book teaches us that a month after conception the DNA is already outlined and all the organs are drawn in quotation marks. So, it is not the cells that come together, but it is an organized human life. In other words So the question to ask yourself when talking about discipline is: Is it legal to take a human life to solve a problem? Or, if I go to a doctor: Is it legal to hire a battered man to take a human life to solve a problem? “There are vulnerable situations that surround you and make you psychologically unviable to carry a pregnancy,” she adds.

Francisco during the recordingDavid Herons

Immediately the Argentinian woman cross-examines: “Of course, but the facts are there, there is abortion, and I believe that when a woman makes that decision, she takes it easy and says ‘OK, let’s have an abortion.’ , nothing happens, I solve a problem’. No! He does it consciously, he converses with God. At Church, what do we, as an institution, do with these women? What should we do? Do we brush them aside and say, ‘No, they’re murderers’? Or if abortion or abortion is the decision they make, do we support them, join them, and support them?

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asks the Pope, shaking his head as if no, serious. Then other young women intervene in the debate, one an anti-abortionist and another, a former nun. Francisco questioned the comparison of abortion to hiring a successful man, calling it “a bit simplistic.”.

Then Francisco speaks again. He clarifies the importance of mercy: “A woman who has an abortion cannot be left alone, we must be with her: she has made that decision, she has had an abortion, so she should not be suddenly sent to hell, isolated… We must accompany. her. But it’s convenient to call things by their names: Supporting the person who did this is one thing, justifying the action is another”, he warns.

Recorded “Amen, Francis responds.”David Herons

The Pope, who at no time slanders his conversations with young people, is unfiltered and candid, even when talking about masturbation and online pornography, as he has done on other occasions in the documentary. Emphasizes the benefits of sex. And, rather than a transcendental statement, he acknowledges that a debate, apparently, is necessary. Sexual Discipline in the Catholic Church. On the other hand, when asked about priests who mistreat LGBT+ people, he doesn’t hesitate to dismiss them without a word. “Infiltrators”.

Évole was very satisfied with the result Amen, replies FranciscoWhen asked what struck him most about the Pope’s statements, he had no doubts: “Perhaps it is overlooked, but The Pope concludes by praising sex. It does not put sin in its place, taboo, sex has often been in the church world. He makes a phrase such as the categorization of gender in the church is not well done. The answer seems very bold to me, and I think many may thank Catholics who have had intercourse with a certain conflict, or that the priest of his town sold him out, and instead the Pope made a very interesting opening there. .

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