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Act with Boric at historic landmark and anti-inflation summit

Act with Boric at historic landmark and anti-inflation summit

President Alberto Fernandez This came Wednesday Chili There he conducted an act with his trans-Andean counterpart, Gabriel BoricIn memory 205 years of Maipú embrace between Bernardo O’Higgins and José de San Martín.

The move comes ahead of a bilateral meeting between the two leaders. They then attend a virtual meeting with Latin American leaders to discuss joint activities inflammation in the region.

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Alberto Fernandez arrived in Chile

arrival Alberto Fernandez for Chile was At 11:12 In the morning, they mentioned from Government House. There he was received by the consular officers of the wartime government Santiago International Airport “Arturo Merino Benitez”.

Alberto Fernandez First he greeted the foreign minister of Chile. Alberto Van Claveren. Later, he met with the entourage of the Argentine Embassy in the country, led by the ambassador. Raphael Bayelsa.

The Head of State traveled with the Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Worship. Santiago cafiero; Chief Secretary, Julio Vittobello; Adviser to the President, Ricardo Forsterand National Vice, Marcelo Casaretto.

Maibu’s hug

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Immediately, the Argentinian leader went to meet his Chilean counterpart, where they held a special ceremony to celebrate the 205th anniversary. Maibu’s hugThat On April 5, 1818, between O’Higgins and San Martin In a city located near the capital Santiago de Chile And Sealed the Trans-Andean nation’s independence.

In Maibu They faced Argentina-Chile United Armycommanded San Martinand royalist forces answering to Spanish King Fernando VII and led by Mariano Osorio. The United Army’s victory reaffirmed Chile’s declaration of independence, which had occurred nearly two months earlier on February 12 of the same year.

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Action attended by two delegates Alberto Fernandez and Gabriel Boric At the head, Maibu’s vote was held in the temple. Also, in 2023 marks the 39th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship and 18 years since the signing of the Maipu Treaty.An instrument that laid the foundation of the current relationship between the two countries and establishes several bilateral mechanisms that support dialogue and open work in many areas.

Anti-Inflation Summit with Latin American Leaders

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Twitter: Gabriel Boric.

Later the two leaders participated in a virtual meeting called by the President of Mexico. Andrés Manuel López Obradorcalled “Coalition of Latin American and Caribbean Countries Against Inflation“. There, initiatives to reduce inflation were jointly analysed, and this will be a prelude to another face-to-face next May. Mexico City.

Apart from them, the presidents of Bolivia also attended. Lewis Ars; From Brazil, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva; From Colombia, Gustavo Pedro; From Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Caneland from Honduras, Xiomara CastroIn addition to the Prime Ministers of Belize, Juan Antonio Brisenoand Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Everard Gonsalves.

Regional countries sought Establishing a mechanism for exchange of basic basket products at low cost of production. In addition, its objectives are to guarantee food sovereignty and to think about collective policies for environmental protection. On March 28, the foreign ministers held their first meeting virtually.

After the meeting, Gabriel Boric On his official Twitter account, he said, “In our different perspectives, we are united Urgent need to strengthen our economy and address the high cost of living for people’s well-being”.

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In the same way, the Cuban president Diaz-Canel “We have agreed to move forward in the definition of trade facilities, logistics, finance and other measures that will allow the exchange of basic basket products and intermediate goods to take place under better conditions,” he celebrated. “We decided to form a technical working group to determine regional cooperation measures and develop an action plan to facilitate trade, technology transfer, sea and air connectivity and capacity building,” he explained.

Bilateral meeting between Alberto Fernandez and Gabriel Boric

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President of the nation

At the end of the Diplomatic Day, Fernandez and Boric A bilateral meeting was held in The White Hall of the Palacio de la MonedaThey discussed the directions of interlinkage Argentina and ChileAs a part of Strategic relationship between the two countries.

After the meeting of the two leaders they a The meeting with members of both governments was extended. Current progress on commitments received on the Joint Agenda Joint Declaration They signed during the state visit of the President of Chile to Argentina on April 4, 2022.

Alberto Fernandez He will return to the country on Wednesday night.