June 18, 2024

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Amis’ hatred of Maradona and those lazy underclassmen

Amis’ hatred of Maradona and those lazy underclassmen

One is familiar with those intimate, highly flammable moments of fiery and passionate Sunday lunches, also known as Sunday lunches. Sometimes after dinner arguments in that family would break out, heated, slippery arguments. The conversation becomes rude, out of control, and suddenly, in the middle of a lofty sentence, a sudden realization hits you: you have begun to exaggerate your anger, you are saying not what you think, you are distorting your own ideas. The narrowness of each of our interests and the obsession with giving way to reality is called the “Procrustean Syndrome.” A giant “Procrustean” emerged from the bowels of the great English novelist and columnist Martin Amis, as he declared in a tabloid newspaper a few years ago. the sun: “Without football and his addiction, Maradona would have lived without crime and subsidies.”

The stereotype of the subsidized class slacker who avoids work has clear media and political precedents in our country. To paraphrase Amis, one wonders how many Argentines today feel the same way. Undoubtedly, for a large part of Argentine society, the Maradona family represented the adjusted profile of a clan that would have lived on crime and subsidies protected by a mother.”Queen of health“, women baptized by the Anglo-Saxon media as the “Queens of Subsidies” cheat the system to accumulate state subsidies and give birth to a child. “From the motherland’s breast.

In May this year, author Martin Amis died. It is interesting to re-read one of his more insidious articles about the player and Argentina, “Diego Maradona: What a Golden Boy”. It was published in a British newspaper a few years ago Guardian And bred with a certain festive mood Nation. “In South America, it is sometimes said, or was said, that the key to Argentina’s character lies in the evaluation of two goals scored by Maradona in the 1986 World Cup. First, he baptized himself the hand of God’, Maradona, intercepted a cross shot, covered it cunningly and put the ball into the net with his left-handed fist. , a few minutes later, Maradona took a pass in his own penalty area. Headed down, fooled the entire England team, fooled Shilton and put the ball into the goal. In Argentina, they prefer the former to the former. The same thing happens in government and business. They don’t just tolerate corruption, they like it. Worship (…) In the broadest sense, in this culture, always following the rules is shameful and bad.”

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You have to imagine the amount of sensitivity and contempt the art of football can foster dark feelings. We don’t always understand how much strength it takes to live weakly. A large universalist literature remains, and an intensely racist one. It is futile to try to please those who live ideologically out of discontent. His beautiful and masterful pen was sometimes filled with scorpions.

Former player of Vélez, clubs in Spain and Tokyo 1979 World Champion.