May 23, 2024

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France: Discovery of one hundred dead cats in retirement home | The 81-year-old will suffer from Noah syndrome

They found out One hundred dead cats in the house A retiree in southeastern France. There were other animals that were sick.

Mostly dead cats Inside Sealed plastic or wooden boxes, Since this man was discovered after hospitalization 81 years In Nice, according to the local newspaper Nice-Matin.

The retired daughter-in-law sought the help of animal protection associations after the discovery. Overall, they found more Hundreds of dead cats inside and outside the house, As well as the jaws of squirrels, rats and dogs.

“Most cats They are dead When they are placed in these boxes, but we think At least two can be kept alive“, Philippe Desjacques, President of La Tribu du Fourmilier.

The Carcass of a swallowed cat He was seen in bed as part of the other cats. Twenty others who were still alive but stunted were rescued and handed over to veterinarians or volunteers.

“Unfortunately, we see stories like this every year,” Teszak said of those organizations. They read to condemn man as “misbehaving” animal or “negligence”.

According to the union president, pensioners are suffering Nova syndrome, A mental illness that involves collecting more animals than can be maintained, and Diogenesis syndrome (Forced accumulation of goods and living with large numbers of animals).

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