May 26, 2024

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An Argentine businessman wants to buy Grofspey’s Nazi eagle fly a thousand pieces

One Entrepreneur Argentina applied to buy the Nazi eagle Character Grafspee rescued from the sea in Uruguay in 2006. The country’s magistrate ordered it to be sold to pay for the divers who recovered it. The German warship sank in the Rio de la Plata Channel in 1939, after taking refuge in the port of Buenos Aires and losing a naval battle with three British ships. The businessman wants to buy pieces made of cast bronze to destroy it. Earlier, Germany had expressed concern that the piece would end up in the hands of the Nazis by auction.

The businessman who wants to buy the bronze badge is invited Daniel Seelecki, 64 years old and basically Punta del Este, Who advised that he would like to receive the logo Nazi For “Blow into a thousand pieces”.


Daniel Celiki is a retired Argentine businessman who lives in the Punta del Estai. He is a sports sailor and a member of the Yacht Club of Uruguay.

“As soon as I have her in my possession, I will immediately cut her into a thousand pieces (…) Every piece that comes as a result of the explosion becomes a powder. There is nothing left, ”he told Corio de Punta del Este.

Sielecky is a recreational boater and sailboat owner. He currently holds the position of Vice Commodore for the boat club Punta del Este, the city where he settled during the epidemics.

The bronze eagle with the swastika shines on the edge of the ship Grave Spe, It was Montevideo was rescued from the water in 2006 By brothers Philippe and Alfredo Edzegare. It is 2 meters high and 2.80 meters wide and weighs about 300 kg.

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According to the Montevideo portal site, it was intact Submerged since December 1939, When The warship was sunk by its own crewThe German warship suffered significant damage while confronting three British ships after the so-called Battle of Rio de la Plata. Distracted and without a chance to escape, the ship’s captain removed him from the port of Buenos Aires and ordered him to sink with the bomb charges.

Days ago and Following the trial of the Etzegare brothers, a judge ordered the Uruguayan government to recover. துண்டின், As well as other historical objectsS. There will be a piece of bronze Done In the coming weeks.

After the eagle’s mission to destroy the eagle was revealed, This was stated by Alfredo Edzeckare, one of the brothers who extracted the eagle It could be transformed into a way of paying tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

The rule of the eagle has generated controversy on more than one occasion, especially due to its symbolic value. The German government offered to purchase the pieces for display in a museum and it was also donated to the Yacht Washem Holocaust Museum. The German government is trying to avoid selling in the market to avoid falling into the hands of Nazi fanatics.

For his part, Centro Simon Wisendel Released a statement last year in which it “warned potential buyers Does not provide a warning (educational) target for objects, The auction will be considered invalid “.

However, the Argentine businessman turned down the offer to turn it into a cult object for Nazi sympathizers and promised to destroy it permanently.

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