December 1, 2023

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Israel hit more than 500 Hamas targets in Gaza during a nighttime military offensive

Israel hit more than 500 Hamas targets in Gaza during a nighttime military offensive

The Israeli army continues to fight in “seven or eight locations” around the Gaza Strip

Israel has carried out more than 500 air and artillery strikes against Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups. (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

Fighting between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants in Israeli territory continued this Monday in “seven or eight” locations. Gaza StripAn Israeli military spokesman said 48 hours after the movement’s offensive began Hamas.

“We continue to fight. Around the “Gaza area” there are seven or eight places of clear land We still have soldiers fighting terrorists” Lt. Col. told reporters Richard Hecht.

“Yesterday we thought we had full control. Hopefully we’ll have that at the end of the day,” Hecht said.

overnight, Israel launched more than 500 air and artillery strikes Against Hamas and militant groups Islamic Jihad In the Palestinian territory ruled by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.

More than 1,100 people have died in the two-day war, including 700 on Israeli soil, since the Hamas offensive began early Saturday morning.

Additionally, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters They captured hundreds of Israelis, including soldiers and civilians.

Zelensky announced that he would work with Ukraine’s allies to strengthen the global response to terrorism

The president, who said there were already planned events in this regard, described Hamas’ attack on Israel as another “front of terror against humanity.”

Zelensky announced that he would work with Ukraine’s allies to strengthen the global response to terrorism. (Europe Press)

President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskyIn a late-night speech this Sunday, he announced that he would work with his allies throughout the week Strengthen the global counter-terrorism response After hundreds of Israelis were massacred inside their country by armed men this Saturday Hamas.

Bukele vowed that the best thing that could happen would be “the complete disappearance of Hamas.”

El Salvador President Nayeb Bugele. (AP)

President of Savior, Naeeb BukheleThe Hamas group said Sunday night “Not Representing the Palestinians” That’s the “best” that could happen to them “disappear completely”.

“As a Salvadoran of Palestinian descent, I am determined The best thing that could happen to the Palestinian people is for Hamas to disappear completely”, posted a message in English on his X account.

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He added that “Those wild beasts do not represent the Palestinians” And “anyone who supports the Palestinian cause would be making a grave mistake by siding with those criminals.”

“Because we share ancestry or nationality, it’s almost as if we Salvadorans are siding with MS13 (gang) terrorists,” he pointed out.

“The best thing that happened to us as a nation was to get rid of those rapists and murderers and let the good guys flourish,” he vowed.

“Palestinians should do the same: get rid of those animals and let the good people prosper. That is the only way forward,” Bukele concluded.

Israel hit more than 500 Hamas targets in Gaza during a nighttime military offensive

Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardments They hit more than 500 targets of the Hamas militant group And Islamic Jihad In Gaza Strip During the night, the Israeli army announced on Monday.

“Overnight, Israel Defense Forces warplanes, helicopters, planes and artillery struck more than 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip,” the army said in a statement.

A reporter said thick smoke rose from the Palestinian territories as the attacks continued in the early hours of the morning. AFP.

Israeli strikes hit several multi-story buildings, including a house Rawhi MushtahaA member of the Hamas Politburo, according to the military.

Residence There was a terrorist command center “He helped infiltrate Israel from the Hamas movement,” he said.

Two Hamas “operational assets” were hit, one of which was located in a mosque, a target of Islamic Jihad, according to the military.

On Saturday, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, launched a surprise attack on Israel that killed more than 700 Israelis. Gaza officials say at least 413 Palestinians died.

In response to this, Israel continues to carry out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Thailand has announced that 12 of its citizens have been killed in a Hamas attack against Israel

Many countries have already reported the death of their nationals during the Israeli attack. (Europe Press)

Government of Thailand This Monday, he pointed out that 12 nationals were killed in an attack by the military on Saturday. Gaza Strip vs Israelleft more than 1,100 deaths In both territories.

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Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Kanchana Patarasoke The Thai embassy in Tel Aviv told a news conference that 12 people were killed by companies working in Thailand in Israel.

In addition to the dead, eight more Thais were wounded and 11 abducted by guerrillas from Hamas, an Islamist group operating in Gaza.

According to Thai authorities, There are about 30,000 Thais in Israel And near the Gaza Strip about 5,000 people work in the agricultural sector.

Thailand’s prime minister, Shretha Thavisin, indicated on Sunday that an air force plane carrying 423 people was ready to fly in the event Israel needed it and allowed it to evacuate its citizens.

Israel denounced war crimes by the terror group Hamas to the United Nations

The body’s ambassador, Gilad Erdan, said it was “time to destroy the terrorist infrastructure” to prevent such horrors from happening again.

Israel denounced war crimes by the terror group Hamas to the United Nations. (EFE)

Ambassador of Israel in front United Nations He blamed the Islamist group Hamas on Sunday War crimes He assured that the time had come to destroy its “terrorist infrastructure”. Saudi Arabia.

Israel is fighting house-to-house in southern Israel to drive out Hamas terrorists

Smoke rises following Israeli strikes in Gaza on October 9, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem TPX Images

For his part, the Israeli military spokesman said Fighting continues in southern Israel And in some places, there is house-to-house fighting to drive out Hamas fighters. About a thousand of them took part in Saturday’s raids and attacks.

“Long, It was the worst day in Israel’s history. Never have so many Israelis been killed by a single hand in one day. “It’s like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor for America,” said spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

Similarly, a military spokesman said, “Most likely, a large number of Israeli civilians and soldiers were abducted in Gaza. There are many Israelis, although he did not give specific figures “pending further confirmation,” although the people captured by Hamas and taken to the strip include “elderly men, women, young men, children and soldiers. .”

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Although no official figures have been released on the number of abductees, Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad have taken responsibility for the seizure 130 Israeli citizens, Among them are various military officers, according to local media.

“The brutality and cynicism of Hamas has become clear. “Our job is to do what the Israeli government tells us to do, and that includes eliminating Hamas’ military capabilities,” he stressed, adding that “at the end of this war, the situation will be much better for Israelis and Palestinians.”

“We are preparing to do our job and eliminate Hamas, which is responsible for this attack, without any provocation,” he stressed.

“Despite this terrible situation, we will win and we know that the good people of the world support us,” the Israeli military spokesman concluded.

The Israeli military continues to strike Hamas targets to “destroy the terrorist group’s capabilities”.

Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs said “the first Gaza war will be the last”. Army forces announced that they were preparing to kill those who carried out the attack without any provocation.

The Israeli military continues to strike Hamas targets to “destroy the terrorist group’s capabilities.” (REUTERS/Ibrahim Abu Mustafa)

The Israeli Air Force Continues to bombard massively Gaza Strip This Monday to “destroy the capabilities” of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, military sources said. Israel.

Here’s what’s known so far about the Hamas attack and Israel’s response

More than 1,100 people have died in the terrorist attack so far. The death toll is expected to rise

HamasA Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, conducted one of the most extensive invasions of Israeli territory in 50 years. Israel retaliated with an air strike.