March 24, 2023

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An emotional moment when a boy gets a good first look at his mother

A mother in a family has noticed that her son’s behavior is not like that of other children. Although his general health was good, he was diagnosed with visual impairment. Immediately, she decided to take him to a specialist changed his life. The boy’s reaction to finally being able to see the panorama clearly went viral.

He could see, but very dimly, it was the way he was born”, Magen Luster explained in a video he shared TikTok. When he first noticed something strange about his son Keaton, the boy was 16 months old and had a vision because his vision was not aligned in the same direction. “It happened too much When interacting with another person from afar. It was difficult for him to concentrate.” declared brightly.

Likewise, small He was too intimately acquainted with things to appreciate them well. Concerned, the family went to an eye specialist in Sugar Land, Texas. After testing and trying different types of lenses, a diagnosis was finally reached for the child: he had myopia.

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A woman shares the story of her son who was able to see clearly for the first time

Keaton scored -7.0 for nearsightedness, a very high number for his age. The expert recommended that mothers wear special glasses for children that allow more protection against frame accidents.

With glasses at the ready, the big moment arrived. The family brought Keaton back to the office, tried on the glasses, and his reaction was incredible. In a video released on TikTok It is how the child is cared for He put the doll aside to admire his mother’s face. “How? Can you see me?” he said in the clip. In return, her smile was palpable and she was enjoying every detail around her, like someone seeing it for the first time.

He looked at us as if to say, ‘I’m over the moon.’ Meghan said after her video went viral on social media It has received over 24 million views. “Thank you all for the positive and encouraging comments (…). Keaton can see the world clearly now, and yes, I’m ready for him to explore.”.

In the final follow-up clip, the family goes to enjoy an afternoon at the park. Keaton and his brother They had fun on the lawn, swings and merry-go-rounds to celebrate their improved vision.

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With his new glasses, Keaton began to see the world more clearly.

Accordingly Mayo Clinic, Myopia is the most common eye condition. People who suffer from this cannot distinguish distant objects very well, so they usually use glasses. This occurs when the shape of the eye or parts of the eyelids Light rays are focused in front of the retina and not in the nervous tissue of its hindquarters. Myopia is usually hereditary.

For children, they struggle to read the blackboard or watch a movie in the theater. In small ones, myopia is more difficult to identify, but there are warning signs.


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