June 18, 2024

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An Italian tourist has died after being hit by a shark off the coast of San Andres.

An Italian tourist has died after being hit by a shark off the coast of San Andres.

A Italian tourist dies This Friday after being Attacked by a shark In the Colombian archipelago St. AndrewAt sea Caribbean. According to local media, many of these animals were surrounded when the man bathed in the rocky area known as “La Picinita”. In this situation, someone was bitten on his right thigh and seriously injured.

“The sharks didn’t give him a chance to swim, he just tried to scare them with his handBut every time he did this, they bit him, “a witness told a local channel TeleislasWithout clarifying the number of animals in the water or providing additional details about the circumstances under which the attack took place.

Already Badly injuredThe 56-year-old has been identified Antonio Rosetto Tequila Abruzzi, Helped many to get out of the sea. Next, they transferred him to the department hospital in San Andres, where he fainted; The doctors could not resuscitate him. “Obviously he had one He lost blood in the area of ​​the accident. “I said Radius snail Erica PalaciosAssistant Manager of Science at the Health Center.

This tragic incident has caused fear among tourists Admirers of San Andres Beaches. This led to the spread of images and videos on social networks, which were calculated to exist At least two sharks In Caribbean waters.

Faced with this situation, Authorities say such attacks are rare in the area. But residents in the area say this is not the first time this has happened The occurrence of one of these characteristics further urged the government to take steps to prevent its recurrence.

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