May 23, 2024

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Does it break or not? Controversies and inflation war at the forefront of all | Heat the punches

Does it break or not?  Controversies and inflation war at the forefront of all |  Heat the punches

Through the ghostly valley that this government appears to have predetermined, it will have to move between the abyss of uncontrolled inflation and the indirect decline of tendencies towards scattering that left the agreement with the IMF in front of everyone. Inflation demands strong action and the use of these measures requires the support of a force that does not crack.

Detecting inflation is described as a multi-causal phenomenon in which there are no immediate magical solutions. But in addition to structural inflation, wild and “preventive” speculations are added. February’s high inflation did not include the effects of the war in Ukraine, and measurements in the first weeks of March showed that the reversal was in full swing in anticipation of anti-inflation measures and prices allegedly raised by the war.

In addition to the economic phenomenon, inflation creates a generally unhealthy climate. These actions should target the structural event, but also attack the speculation lurking within the gondola, and it can only be resolved by a saber stroke like the cordian knot. There should be long-term and medium-term measures, but there are other immediate and energetic ones that the government is sensitive to on the almost exclusive issue of attacking speculation and devouring the pockets of the people.

The war of anger

This is the situation between anger. Victims angry over picking and high prices, or consumers angry The majority of the country is meat, flour, bread or pizza. This is an unequal equation because many consumers of flour and meat protect those who harm them by improper prices. But food is a fundamental right in a country that produces food.

Fanatics who want to exploit war-like misfortune are not Argentina’s invention. And Since war is a serious situation, serious actions are justified Only to achieve moderate results.

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Anti-inflationary measures are orderly and will provoke a backlash from those seeking to take advantage of the chaos. They are powerful fields that usually react with 125. The government needs unwavering support to support these measures, to control price controls and to control speculators.

This is not the best moment for everyone’s front. Media houses seek to add fuel to the fire and exaggerate the provocation of debate and conflict in the ruling coalition. Beyond that exaggeration, the interior of the All Front was left out of the debate by agreement with the Fund. And there are areas where both sides do not consider unity in the forefront.

Different faces of everyone’s front

From the critical point of view, they assess that the conditions imposed by the IMF will stifle growth and, as a result, prevent the transcendence of the critical social environment that was the two organizational points of the Front. But, despite these differences, they have sent clear signals that they are going to preserve the unity of the front.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The relationship between the president and his vice president is central to these arguments. President Alberto Fernandez did not heed Christina Kirchner’s warnings about the social situation during the epidemic, one of the reasons for the defeat in the midterm elections. And Christina Kirschner did not answer the phone after the attack on Alberto Fernandez’s offices and before the debate in the Senate.. Spokeswoman Gabriela Cerutti said she would not comment on the personal relationship between the president and his vice president because it was not his business but the political relationship between the two would “not affect governance.”

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Prior to the debate, senators from a group close to the Vice President met with Christina Kirschner to insist that the election was won by “pro-people government action” rather than formal unity. For the sector it represents, unity is essential, but if these measures are not taken, Frente de Todos will be defeated in 2003, even if it is united..

Macrista is the object of celebration

The Macrista media celebrates these differences and already celebrates the breakdown that they consider inevitable. Opposition, Macrismo and the Media Corporation sought to isolate Christianity more than the disintegration of Frende de Todos. Since the majority of Kirschs would reject the agreement, it was clear that the opposition was playing that card when it decided to support the government.

In this rearrangement of the political structure imagined by the opposition, Mauricio Macri and Christina Kirschner are isolated in front of a large confederation of ruling party and opposition centrists. This field of Christianity gave too much weight when the opposition decided to support the rejection of the agreement.

But the basis for Christina Kirschner’s position – an important one, but at the same time one that is not broken – is the restructuring of Frente de Todos’ function. Although they are critical, if they are not withdrawn, they deny breaks that operate through consensus or dialogue, sometimes with explicit, sometimes implicit agreements.

In fact, in the debates between the delegates and the Senate, in addition to the differences, there were many signs of respect for coexistence in the camp. Most of the senators who went for the rejection preferred not to speak at the session, and those who spoke stressed the devastation caused by the coalition government for change. The senators released the document based on their rejection only after the agreement was approved. Maximo Kirschner promised not to convert against the agreement.

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From internal debate to inflation

If the diagnosis they make about government policy is negative, but they do not break forward, they feel that in some respects the course can be denied. The differences in this inner front line have many subtleties that are expressed by other references that are consistent with the critique, but prioritize unity before the progress of the right, or propose the dismissal of all officers who refer to Christina. Or Maximo Kirschner.

This is an important moment for Frende de Todos, who suffers from anger and fever. It is no coincidence that the attack on the Vice President’s offices took place when anger was at its peak and could spark a fire in the front.

Since political processes are not governed by mathematical formulas this restructuring can lead to shortcomings and breakdowns, but as Christina Kirschner said a government wins elections when it promotes policies that improve the lives of the people. And to become a government and to enhance these measures, a broad and integrated electoral tool is always needed, as the Vice President pointed out while promoting the formation of the Front for All.

However, this debate would be meaningless if the government did not control inflation. And it can also be visualized as insensitive to concrete drama. The government will seal its fate if it cannot stop inflation.