February 25, 2024

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Authorized the anti-Finnish government to begin the process of joining NATO

Authorized the anti-Finnish government to begin the process of joining NATO
Opposition Finland has authorized the government to begin the process of joining NATO

A coalition partner in the Finnish government has traditionally been opposed to joining NATO This Saturday marked its transparency in access, thus paving the way for Helsinki to become a member of the Atlantic Alliance..

The Finnish Center Party held a referendum on security policy this Saturday The Party Council was empowered to approve the application for NATO membership.

“If the government believes that action and time are right, I, as the leader of the Central Party, with your support, am ready to pave the way for Finland to enter the NATO Security Alliance,” the party leader promised. Annika Sariko.

Finland has long opposed the option to join NATO, but Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has changed the face of a country that shares a long border with Russia. Recent polls show that the majority of Finns now support members, according to the agency DPA.

Central Party leader Annika Sariko
Central Party leader Annika Sariko

Finnish Prime Minister Channa Marin did not comment “The decision must be made soon,” he clarified.. On Saturday he said the decision should be made this spring, i.e. mid-June, as the security situation in the Yle could worsen.

Marin explained that his goal was for Finland and Sweden – who are not members – to make the same decisions at the same time. The invasion of Ukraine has also sharpened the debate over joining Sweden, but the mood in Finland is moving faster than its neighbors.

Open arms

NATO last week said it would extend a warm welcome if Finland and Sweden decide to apply.. The Russian occupation of Ukraine has increased public support for those Nordic countries to apply for their membership.

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Military system If provoked by Russia, the countries will be ready to guarantee securitySecretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.

For the first time, more than 50% of Finns support joining the military alliance, according to a poll conducted by Finnish Broadcaster YLE last month. In neighboring Sweden, a similar survey found that there were more people in favor than those against entry.

“If they decide to listen to it, I imagine all the allies will get it,” NATO foreign ministers told reporters in Brussels to discuss the war in Ukraine. “We know they can easily enter this alliance if they decide to apply.”

Before the start of the war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a halt to the expansion of the 30-nation military force and the withdrawal of troops from Russian borders. So Moscow did not like the chance of Finland and Sweden joining.

To protect them, Stoltenberg said NATO member states would be prepared to provide security guarantees to both neutral countries from the time they express their willingness to join until their applications are approved.

Once they are members, they will come under the collective protection rule, under which all members are obliged to come to the aid of the injured partner.

(With information from Europa Press and AP)

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