June 16, 2024

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Banksy’s artwork unveiled in Borodianka, Ukraine

Banksy's artwork unveiled in Borodianka, Ukraine


Famous Street artist Banksy He unveiled his latest artwork in an Instagram post – a mural in the liberated Ukrainian city of Borodianka.

The artwork shows a gymnast balancing on a pile of rubble on the side of a building destroyed by Russian strikes.

The graffiti artist posted three photos of the piece on social media Friday, with a simple caption reading “Borodyanka, Ukraine,” using an alternate spelling of the city’s name.

Speculation was mounting that Banksy was in the war-torn country after a series of murals appeared in Borodianka, located about 35 miles northwest of the capital, Kyiv.

One of the artworks, not officially claimed by the artist, depicts a man turning over during a judo match with a young boy.

Another picture showed two children using a metal tank trap as a swing.

Borodianka Hard hit by Russian air strikes at the start of the invasion of Ukraine in February, many buildings were reduced to piles of rubble from the long-range attacks.

It was home to 13,000 people before the war, but most of them fled after the Russian invasion. The rest of Borodianka, after intense bombardment and devastating blows, was then occupied by Russian troops, who moved on February 28.

A mural that Banksy has not officially claimed shows a man turning over during a judo match with a boy.

The city returned to Ukrainian control on 1 April, and the population returned They found their homes looted Looting shops, breaking windows and stealing their contents.

The letter “V” – a symbol used by the Eastern Military District of Russia in coordination with the letter “Z”, the emblem of the so-called “Special Military Operation” in Moscow – was found painted on buildings, vehicles and checkpoints.

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The city has since been the focus of reconstruction efforts, with many towers demolished as a result of the damage caused by the fighting.