October 2, 2023

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Bellator 298 Results: Live Streaming Updates By Play | Sturley vs. Ward

Bellator 298 Results: Live Streaming Updates By Play |  Sturley vs. Ward

Bellator 298 is set on TONIGHT (Friday, August 11, 2023) inside the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD, themed to a lightweight bout between Logan Storley vs. Brennan Ward, broadcast exclusively on Showtime. The event heads the heavyweight tilt between former interim champion, Valentin Moldavsky, and Steve Morey.

The undercard will also feature several exciting matches, including Lucas Brennan vs. Weber Almeida, and Diana Avsaragova vs. Justine Keshe.

Many of our readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all the action going into 6:25 p.m. ET With “Prelims” on YouTube (Watch them here) and then go to Showtime at 10 p.m. ET to make the master card. Feel free to leave a comment (or 298) about the spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always so much fun!


170 lbs.: Logan Storley vs. Brennan Ward
265 lbs: Valentin Moldavsky against. Steve Morey-Moldavsky via unanimous decision
185 lbs: Dalton Rosta against. Aaron Jeffery – Jeffrey by unanimous decision
145 lbs: James Gallagher against. James Gonzalez-Gallagher via split decision
155 lbs: Sydney Outlaw against. Islam Mammadov – outlaw by unanimous decision
125 lbs: Diana Avsaragova against. Justin Kish – Kish by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Michael Blokus vs. Ellie Mefford
135 lbs: Enrique Barzola against. Jaylon Bates – Barzola by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Lucas Brennan against. Weber Almeida-Brennan via third-round knockout
135 lbs: Josh Hill against. Kasum Kasumov – Kasumov by unanimous decision
155 lbs: Vladimir Talkov against. Jairo Pacheco – Talkov by unanimous decision
135 lbs: Leandro Hugo against. Nikita Mikhailov – Hugo via second round submission (naked rear choke)
155 lbs: Alfie Davis against. Elon Cruz – Davis by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Diana Silva against. Kateryna Chkalova – Chkalova via split decision
205 lbs: Sullivan Cooley against. Hamza Salim – Koli, presenting the first round (triangle arm)
135 lbs: Jerel Hodge against. Marserly Alves Da Silva – Da Silva via first-round knockout
145 lbs: Jordan Oliver against. Andrew Triolo – Oliver, first round delivery (triangle arm


Logan Sturley against. Brennan Ward

first round:

Second round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

The final result:

Valentin Moldavsky against. Steve Murry

First round: Maury tries to be the aggressor early on. They grab in the center of the cage. Moldavksy with over-under. Mowry reverses his position and drops some knees to the midsection. Moldavsky pushes Mowry towards the cage and scores a takedown. Mori rises to his feet and they part. A hard hit from Moldavsky, who gets the grab and scores another takedown. Moldavsky throughout Mowry. Moldavsky’s lateral control. Great shots from the first place of the Russian big man. Moldavsky is now on full guard. Mowry tries to escape and manages to do so with a powerful blow. Moldavsky clinches again and scores the double takedown. 10-9 Moldavsky

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Round two: Moldavsky scores another quick takedown and begins unloading big shots. Moldavsky is now on full guard. Morey struggles his way back to his feet. Mowry’s massive push kick lands, but Moldavsky wastes no time going in and scoring another takedown. Mowry is a fish out of water with Moldavsky drenched all over. Shots to the side of the head for Moldavsky, who dominates this fight with his tackle. Mowry never manages to let out so many insults, a pace Moldavsky dictates. Fans are not happy and rain down on the Boo Birds. The referee agrees with the crowd and the fighters stand up. Morey shoots takedowns, stuffed. Moldavik takes off again, stuffing as the round ends. 10-9 Moldavsky

Round Three: Like clockwork, Moldavsky swoops in and gets the takedown with ease, seventh for him of the night. Full guard for Moldavsky. This is a mirror image of the first two rounds. Mowry controls Moldavsky, and can do nothing on earth against Moldavsky, who swings slowly and rather easily. The referee isn’t much of a fan of the technique, standing on them again. Mowry high licking was banned. Moldavsky is against changes in levels and now Mowry has his back. Moldavsky with a great spinning motion, drops down and scores the double leg kick. Moldavsky is content to let the clock tick while he’s on guard. Clever strategy. It does not appeal to the eyes, but it is smart. 10-9 Moldavsky

End result: Moldavsky was defeated. Mowry via unanimous decision

Dalton Rosta against. Aaron Jeffrey

Round 1: Rosta quickly takes the cage position. Two stabs landed on Rhosta. Three punch combo from Rhosta. Who comes out aggressive. Now clinch against the cage. A heavy blow hits Rosta. Still pushing forward, Jeffrey grabbed his opponent by the cage. Trouble in front of the cage. Rosta works by injection on the body. Rosta changes levels, looks at removal. Jeffrey eats a big right hook on the break. Jeffrey got some space and now works his low kicks. Jeffrey switched it up and now he’s pitting Rhosta against the cage. It doesn’t take long for Rosta to get the top spot. Jeffrey appeared to headbutt Rosta as the round came to a close. Referee warns Jeffrey, no point away. 10-9 Rusta

Round two: Jeffrey pushed the pace early in round two. Rosta did a great job of dodging big hits. rus. He shoots a takedown, and Jeffrey grabs his neck and is now looking for a chokehold. Rosta managed to get out. Not giving up on the choke, Jeffrey even put some knees in the mid-section. Rosta cannot break free from Geoffrey’s grip. Jeffrey is now starting to unload. Jeffrey still has the front choke, not much to do with it. Rust tries desperately to break free but Geoffrey is relentless and won’t be leaving him anytime soon. Technical difficulties.

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Third round: Apologies for the technical difficulties during the third round.

Final result: Geoffrey Dave. Rosta by unanimous decision

James Gallagher against. James Gonzalez

Round 1: Gonzalez opened with a thunderous back kick. Gallagher grabbed Gonzalez’s fist and pulled him down towards the cage. Gonzalez works his escape, but is held tight by Gallagher, who is now on full guard. Gallagher takes a stand and tries to offload some pound and pound. Gallagher is all the way to his feet and Gonzalez is looking for a heel hook. Even kicks to the ground for Gonzalez. Gallagher flips his body, looks for a guillotine, and re-enters his opponent’s guard. Gonzales grabs Gallagher and pulls him closer. Still clutching at his heels, Gonzalez is returning the favor for Gallagher now because of the awkward situation they’re in. Gallagher unloads some nice ground and pound to rule the round himself. 10-9 Gallagher

Round 2: Spinning back kick again from Gonzalez. and another. Gallagher evades both. Gallagher fakes a flying knee and then shoots for a takedown, stuffed. Gallagher was relentless and managed to drag Gonzalez down. He takes his back and looks for a naked stifle from behind. Gonzalez turned but now it was the fiery Irishman above him raining elbows. Short shots to the rib cage from Gonzalez, not having much effect. Gallagher tries to climb up a good defense from Gonzalez. Gallagher is now on full guard, raining her elbows up to the dome. Gonzalez again tries to escape but without going. Gallagher again finishes the round in top position as he rains ground and pound. Dominate the fight so far. 10-9 Gallagher

Round Three: Gallagher opens with a sold-out body kick. Gonzalez runs at a fast pace and engages in a series of strikes. Gallagher has fallen back and Gonzalez is now cautious in the wins with the haymakers, connected to each other. Gallagher has seen enough and quickly takes the fight to the floor again. Gonzalez managed to sneak up from behind and is now in side control. He starts offloading big, powerful shots and Gallagher doesn’t like it one bit. A north-south position and Gonzalez switches to side control. Two minutes left in the fight. Half guard now for Gonzalez. Elbows connect Gonzalez, who needs to finish here. Gonzalez is trying to offload more ground and pound with only 30 seconds left in the fight. Gonzalez finished the fight on top, but it would be a little too late. 10-9 Gonzalez

Final result: Gallagher defeated. Gonzalez via split decision

Sydney Outlaw against. Islam Mammadov

First round: they touch the glove. Mamedov opens with a low kick. The outlaw knocks Mamedov down with a powerful blow on the spot, but Mamedov jumps back up. A solid right hand lands Mamedov, and knocks Outlaw’s head straight back. The Outlaw changes levels and scores a takedown, pushing Mamedov up against the cage. Mamedov opened his nose. Outlaw drives the knees to the back of Mamedov’s thighs. The outlaw drags him backwards to the mat. Mamedov returns again only to be dragged down. The outlaw is coiled on the back of Mamedov, who is looking for a smuggler through the back door, and gets it. Mamedov now takes the Outlaw’s back and gets a naked choke from behind. The outlaw managed to get out of it and now has Mamedov’s back. Great exchanges grapple here. 10-9 Outlaw

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Round 2: Mamedov touches his nose, apparently annoyed by it. The outlaw is in the spin, eating a low leg kick. An Outlaw drive kick returns Mamedov. A nice slam dunk for the outlaw. The action slowed down a bit for the first two minutes of the second round. Mamedov shoots him for a takedown but the outlaw dodges. One-two sneak past Mamedov’s guard. The outlaw changes level, grabs one leg and scores another takedown. Four for six in the takedown department for Outlaw, who easily controls the pace of this fight. Mamedov managed to get up and grab the cage on the way down, keeping it upright, it happened right in front of the referee and no penalty was assessed. Mamedov managed to reverse the positions and is now in Outlaw custody. Mamedov’s lateral control. Outlaw once again managed to reverse the situation as the round ended. 10-9 Outlaw

Round Three: An Uppercut goes down to kick Mamedov to start things up in the final round. Mamedov needs a finisher because Outlaw needs to be on all of the referees’ scorecards. The outlaw spins around and lands deceptively right. Nice hit for Mamedov, you need more. Mamedov lands another big hat, goes for a backspin kick and gets taken down for his troubles. This is the Outlaw’s Eight Fighting Endings. Mamedov stands up and drives some knees into the Outlaw’s midsection as he goes into the takedown. The outlaw still has the dominant control, and Mamedov is unable to break free from the grip of his vice. Mamedov with some short elbows on the bottom, but that simply won’t get the job done. 10-9 Outlaw

The end result: Outlaw def. Mamedov by unanimous decision

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