December 2, 2023

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Benjamin Netanyahu: “Hamas is ISIS, we will destroy them as the world destroyed ISIS”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Hamas is ISIS, we will destroy them as the world destroyed ISIS”
Benjamin Netanyahu issued a strong warning to Hamas terrorists (Nir Alon/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa)

Benjamin Netanyahu He warned on Wednesday “Every member of Hamas is a dead man”When the leader of the opposition and former defense minister declared an emergency government Benny GantzThe war with the Palestinian terror group continues.

“We reserve any other opinion for the citizens of Israel,” the prime minister said during a joint message with Gantz and the defense minister during the fifth day of fighting with Palestinian militants in Gaza. Yoav Gallant. And I add: “Hamas is Daesh (Islamic State group) and we will crush and destroy them like the world destroyed Daesh.”

“We are going to completely destroy and kill Hamas, the ISIS organization in Gaza. They will disappear from the earth and will be no more. “We will not accept the slaughter of Israeli babies and children, and everything continues as usual.”The defense minister assured that Israeli areas around the Strip had been secured and that his forces were now “focusing on offensive operations”.

For his part, Ganzt opined that “the State of Israel is facing one of its most difficult moments,” and that “families killed and kidnapped by a merciless enemy must be removed.”

“We are united here, side by side. This is a clear message to the enemy“More importantly, this is a message to all citizens of Israel,” he added.

“We are all in this together, we are all mobilized,” he stressed.

Army deploys in massive response to Hamas terror attacks (REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura)

Netanyahu earlier announced the formation of an emergency government with Gantz to deal with the war with Hamas terrorists.

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The agreement represents Gantz, along with the former justice minister Sir Gideon; Another ex-army commander, Kady Eisenkot, and two representatives will join the government’s political and security cabinet for the war period. All five were members of the centre-right National Unity Party led by the Kants.

The war management cabinet will be made up of Netanyahu, Gantz and current Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Also, a seat will be allocated in the War Management Cabinet Yair LabitAlong with Gantz are two of the strongest members of the opposition to Netanyahu’s coalition in parliament.

Negotiations to add Lapid are not over yet And local media attribute it to disagreements with Netanyahu’s far-right allies.

Finally, the agreement establishes that while the war lasts, it cannot promote bills or make government decisions unrelated to the conflict with the combatants.

This is how Hamas terrorists entered a house in Israel

The war, which began on Saturday with a bloody surprise attack by the Islamist movement Hamas, marked its fifth day today. It has already killed more than 1,200 people in Israel and at least 1,100 in the Gaza Strip.

Gantz was already Netanyahu’s government partner, but his internal disputes and Netanyahu’s refusal to comply with the rotation agreement between the two brought down the coalition.

Since then, Kants has been on the opposite side of the current president and has refused on several occasions to join his government.

Gantz has positioned himself as the most popularly supported political figure in nearly all polls, amid controversy over judicial reform promoted by the Netanyahu government.

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