September 29, 2023

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Bill Gates asserts that only three industries can survive with artificial intelligence:

Bill Gates asserts that only three industries can survive with artificial intelligence:

The Artificial intelligence Creates a dilemma. While it offers countless solutions to internet users, many fear it could steal major jobs. And anxiety appeared in the middle bill Gates To say what the emerging industries will be without getting rid of this problem.

Founder Microsoft assumes that AI Today’s most innovative technological system and compares what happened in the past pc or the Internet. The expectation for the future is so great that it will discover a potential”Transforming education, healthcare and the labor market, opening up opportunities and providing solutions to major challenges“.

Based on this argument, he relies on a specific foundation for predicting which industries will benefit from this change in status: he cautions that the best activities will be to focus on the area of ​​””.Artificial intelligence“, theEnergy” and this “Biologist“. However, he also understands that the latter can present more problems when looking for a job.

Automation and analytics capabilities AI This is perceived by many workers as a threat in the short term. At the same time, the major entrepreneur tries to profit from the technology, noting that it can improve the quality of life in society. “This makes it possible to work fewer hours and focus on more creative and meaningful tasks. And using buildable AI models, machines can perform routine or repetitive tasks such as taking notes during meetings and summarizing key takeaways.“.

Gates’ recommendations

With the passage of time, the interest of young people to enroll in optional courses has changed. Currently Ra Chi Thu He emphasizes on encouraging younger people to learn programming and develop basic digital skills.Gaining AI knowledge and developing digital skills is essential to be prepared for emerging opportunities in this ever-evolving environment.“.

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Additionally, he highlighted the role of online platforms that offer free or very low-cost courses to learn and access quality education in a promising field like artificial intelligence.