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Heat wave in Europe: The Mediterranean also reached a new temperature record

Heat wave in Europe: The Mediterranean also reached a new temperature record
People bathe in the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, ​​Spain (Getty Images)

Water The Mediterranean Sea They broke the temperature record on Monday, the main Spanish oceanographic research institute warned the news agency on Tuesday. AFPCoinciding with an exceptional heat wave in the area.

“A new record for average daily sea surface temperature was reached in the Mediterranean during that period 1982202328.71 ºC,” warned researchers from the Barcelona-based Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM).

The center analyzed satellite data from the European Copernicus Observatory, and the last recorded temperature was 28.25 degrees Celsius. 2003.

BENIDORM, SPAIN – JULY 16: Tourists enjoy a platform for jumping in the sea and sunbathing at Levante Beach as a heat wave sweeps across Spain on July 16, 2022 in Benidorm, Spain. (Photo by Zowy Voeten/Getty Images)

The data still needs to be confirmed by Copernicus, but researchers Justino Martínez and Emilio García pointed out that “we are confident that the average is not too biased and that the temperature to the first decimal place is universally correct.” AFP.

Scientists prefer to use the average and non-average value (28.40 ºC on Monday) because it is lower “Harassment by Foreigners”That is, through records of extreme temperatures at isolated points in the Mediterranean Sea.

between the island Sicily and the city NaplesFor example, in Italy, 30 ºC (4 ºC above normal) was recorded in areas.

High temperature Threatens marine ecosystems.

A young man cools off in a fountain in the city of Valencia (EFE/Ana Escobar)

Between 2015 and 2019, populations of about 50 species (corals, sea fans, sea urchins, molluscs, bivalves, posidonia…) were affected. Mass deaths Between the surface and 45 meters deep, the study, published in July 2022 in the journal Global Change Biology, revealed.

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The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) classifies the Mediterranean region as a “hot spot” for climate change.

“Since the 1980s, Mediterranean marine ecosystems have undergone drastic changes, with biodiversity decline and the arrival of invasive species,” says the IPCC.

1.5ºC higher than pre-industrial levels, More than 20% of all fish and invertebrate species in the eastern Mediterranean could disappear locally before 2060. UN experts warn that income from fishing could drop by up to 30% by 2050.

If Mediterranean water temperatures increase, “there is no clear evidence, statistically speaking, of an increase in the frequency of ocean heat waves in the Mediterranean basin during the period 1982-2023,” the ICM researchers clarify.

“It is believed that the origin of ocean heat waves is mainly –but not exclusively–atmospheric (…) This is a matter of debate, but if so, ocean heat waves will decrease only because atmospheric heat waves decrease”, they add.

Forest fires in Sicily (AFP)

A fire that broke out this morning in Sicily (Southern Italy) continues to spread across the island. Emergency crews found two charred bodies in the afternoon on the outskirts of Palermo.It was forced to close its airport in the morning as it was engulfed in flames.

After a week with temperatures reaching 46 degrees due to a Garonde heat wave, the fire has spread across the island and is approaching tourist towns such as Catania and Taormina, while authorities are urging people to avoid going outside because of the risk of poisoning.

In Cinisi, a town located a few kilometers from Palermo airport, The dead bodies of two old men, aged 77 and 75, who lived in a small house, were found in critical condition.

People cool off at a water fountain in Messina on the island of Sicily (Photo by Giovanni Isolino/AFP)

Emergency services have also confirmed that another 88-year-old woman has died due to medical conditions and was unable to attend to rescue crews due to the flames.

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Besides, Two rangers have been admitted to Palermo’s Civic Hospital With first- and third-degree burns, medical assistance was also complicated, as the ward of another hospital in the city had to be evacuated due to the proximity of the flames.

According to the local press, there are more 1,500 people have been displaced Some houses from the towns of Alimenusa, Gangi, Blufi, Misilmeri, Cefalù Bolognetta, Santa Flavia, Villabate, Partinico, San Cipirello and Corleone have been completely burnt.

Likewise, several sections of highways connecting Palermo to other points in Sicily, such as Messina and Mazara del Vallo, are closed.

A woman splashes a bottle of water on her face and head as she cools off in front of a church in the center of Messina on the island of Sicily (Photo by Giovanni Isolino/AFP)

On the other hand, on the opposite side of the island, to the east, The eviction of numerous villas built around the town of Taormina began. The focal point of Italian tourism at the height of summer.

Also, near Catania, Sicily’s second most populous city, flames have reached residential areas and destroyed palm trees on built-up streets, gardens and homes, where there is no running water or electricity due to intense heat overloading electricity services.

The situation is very difficult across Sicily with the weather complicating the work of those fighting the flames”, the president of the Sicily region, Renato Scibani, has asked for the help of firefighters from other regions, as “those in service in Sicily are already working in different sectors”.

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However, fires are raging in other parts of southern Italy, such as Puglia, where there are active fires in the provinces of Foggia and Lecce and Calabria, which require immediate attention.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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