December 8, 2023

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Blue dollar and dollar today: This Thursday, June 15, minute by minute | This is how it works for buying and selling

Blue dollar and dollar today: This Thursday, June 15, minute by minute |  This is how it works for buying and selling

Blue goes back a weight

The blue dollar is trading down a peso to sell at $492 and buy at $487.

The value of the dollar in Brazil

On the exchange, the dollar rose 0.28% to an average of 4.8252 reais per unit, according to Bloomberg.

Chicago Grain Futures

Grain futures traded with gains on the Chicago market: Corn rose 1.60% and traded at $243.10 a tonne in July contracts.

Meanwhile, soybeans rose 2.28% to US$521.76 and wheat rose 2.45% to US$237.27 a tonne in July contracts.

International stock markets are trading with mixed results

Major international bourses posted mixed results across their core assets, while oil benchmarks traded with gains.

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended today with volatility: Japan lost 0.05% and South Korea lost 0.40%; Hong Kong rose 2.17% and Taiwan 0.56%; China added 1.19% to its Shenzhen index and Shanghai 0.74%.

In Europe, benchmark stock markets traded lower: London rose 0.36%; Madrid, 0.01%; On the other hand, Paris fell 0.63%, as did Frankfurt (-0.18%), and Milan (-0.38%), according to Bloomberg.

In New York markets, its benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.04% to 34,333.62 points; Selected S&P 500 and tech Nasdaq indexes rose 0.55% and 0.53%, respectively.

For its part, the Sao Paulo stock market on its main index Bovespa rose 0.32% to 119,453.05 points.

The Buenos Aires stock market is bullish at the start

The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange was initially operational A rise of 2.44% Its main index, the S&P Merval, was at 387,969.67 points.

Meanwhile, the traded volume in the stock exceeded $127 million.

New York markets trade with volatility

New York markets traded with ups and downs and its main index, the The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.29% to 34,077.56..

For their part, select S&P 500 and Nasdaq technical indexes lost 0.16% and 0.07%, respectively, according to Bloomberg.

The blue dollar is down

The blue dollar was worth $3.

Quoted $493 to sell and $488 to buy.

The Bovespa index is running higher at the start of the Sao Paulo stock market

The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange operated with a 0.15% growth At the beginning of the day, the Bovespa index was at 119,248.21 points.

What is the country’s risk?

Argentina is at risk 2,339 basis pointsAccording to the index produced by JP Morgan

The dollar was at $244 for buying and $257 for selling on the Banco Nación blackboard, fifty cents higher than yesterday’s close.

The dollar rose at Banco Nacional

The dollar gained 50 cents at Banco Nacional.

New quote $257 for selling and $244 for buying.

ECB defines new rate hike

The European Central Bank (ECB) will raise interest rates today and set a new rate hike, the eighth in the past year. Aim to control inflation rate Of the twenty countries that use the euro as their currency.

The The new hike in rates will be 25 percentage points, the same as last MayIt keeps the deposit facility, refinance and micro loan rates at 3.50%, 4% and 4.25% respectively.

Market expectations are that the ECB is on the last stretch of rate hikes, as is the US Federal Reserve (FED), with another hike – the last – to be used at the next meeting in July or September.

Unlike its US counterpart in March last year, the ECB only did its thing in July, so there is some policy backlash between the two institutions.

Oil stations in New York and London were profitable

Crude oil barrels were trading higher on international markets in New York and London.

Raw West Texas Intermediate (WTI)It operates on the New York Futures Market (Nymex) and traded up 1.16% this morning $69.06 A barrel in contracts with delivery in July.

Similarly, oil North Sea BrentThe London Electronic Market ( ICE ) rose 1.17% and agreed barrel $74.06 But in deals for August, Bloomberg reported.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) closed its basket of crude oil yesterday $74.84 A barrel, compared to US$ 73.06 the previous day, represents an increase of 2.43%.

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended mostly higher

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region closed with mostly positive results, according to data from Bloomberg agency.

Japan. Nikkei: -0.05%

China. Shanghai: +0.74%

China. Shenzhen: +1.19%

Hong Kong. Hong Kong: +2.17%

Korea. Kospi: -0.40%

Taiwan Taix: +0.56%

The central bank absorbed USD 51 million in the total market

He Central Bank And this ends Wednesday Purchase for $51 million in the exchange market, and tied for its second straight day of buying. Agricultural dollars contributed more than 20 million in cash flow and returns from foreign direct investment. The Ministry of Economy got the last position Local currency loan A net financing of over 432 billion pesos.

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