June 16, 2024

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Blue Jays’ Alec Manoah challenges burning Gerrit Cole after Yankees player Aaron Judge is injured from a throw

Blue Jays' Alec Manoah challenges burning Gerrit Cole after Yankees player Aaron Judge is injured from a throw

NEW YORK – As the post-season race continues to heat up, tensions are rising in baseball’s toughest league.

The Yankees scored a 4-2 victory over their Middle East rival Blue Jays on Sunday afternoon, but not before tensions flared in the fifth inning at the Toronto start. Alek Manoh Yankees hit first star Aaron Judge With a fast ball of 92 mph.

“I’ve been suffering from drowning for five or six games now,” Manoah explained after the match. “I made a throw and it obviously hit the judge. I looked at him and said, ‘Man, you know, I’m not trying to do that.'”

With a runner at second base and first open, diver Manoah Judge hit the shoulder, the same spot he had barely missed earlier in the game. The judge seemed visibly upset, and Manouh uttered a few words as he walked up the hill.

“[Judge] He looked at me and Manoah said, “That’s two.” “In the first half, I accidentally threw one in there as well. But obviously, in a situation like this, I’m trying to belittle the key players. So I told him, ‘I’m not trying to do that.'”

Yankees start Gerrit ColeWho incurred the loss on Saturday, came out of dugout, followed by several of his teammates during a tension exchange as the judge waved them. The match was stopped briefly but the atmosphere settled, and Judge went to first base. Manoh walked over to speak to the judge and seemed to help defuse the situation.

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Manoh said he made it clear to the judge that it was a problem with his order, but there was no love lost to Cole’s angry reaction.

“I suspect [Judge] I got it. And I think if Gerrett wants to do something, he can overtake the Audi mark next time,” Manoah said, pointing to the luxury car brand’s logo sprayed on the lawn by the visiting team hidden at Yankee Stadium.

When asked if he had anything to do with him being a manoah specifically, and whether he thought he intended to intentionally hit the judge, Cole remained vague in his post-match comments.

“Not necessarily,” said Cole, who gave up four winning runs over six innings in the Yankees’ 5-2 loss to the Geez on Saturday. “Just a little too [batters hit by pitch] to my own taste. I do not know what to say.”

Director Aaron Boone said he didn’t think Manoah’s show was intentional, but defended Cole’s reaction.

“He doesn’t like training our guy,” Boone said. “Sometimes we get caught up in this intentional thing, like if it wasn’t intentional, that’s fine. Sometimes we have a different opinion about it. When your friend gets hit, he usually grabs your attention. I think [Judge] She handled it wonderfully. I thought Gerrit was just holding on to his leg, for our guy’s sake. It’s just two class rivals, playing a lot, a little moment in the game, not so much for her.”

The judge, who also said he believed there was no intent, described the incident as the emotional part of the competition.

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“It’s the heat of the moment,” Judge said. “No one likes to be beaten.” “Everyone watches the match, everyone gets into it. No matter who gets hit, everyone is going to make an exception for it. Dugout had a few things to say and then moved on.”

Regarding the disclosure of his conversation with Manoh, the judge said, “We’ll keep it between each other.”

With the Yankees losing 14 of their previous 17 games and looking to snatch a three-game losing streak and avoid a streak, Judge stated his focus was clear.

The judge said, “At first I was angry, and I was angry, but I didn’t need to fire anyone else in order to get hit. I was just moving on to the next play.” “I know [Anthony] risotto He had a big hit behind me. I’d be a little happier to get a few rounds instead of squabbling in there. …we took care of the business and moved forward.”