April 23, 2024

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Tom Brady is said to be returning to the Pirates ‘very soon’

NFL: AUG 09 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

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While the current biggest mystery in the NFL may never be solved, it is clear that it will soon be over.

Adam Shifter of ESPN.com reports that quarterback Tom Brady He will return to the team.very short. “

Brady embarked on a camp break for “personal reasons” 10 days ago. Head coach Todd Bulls initially said Brady was expected to return after Saturday’s pre-season game against the Titans. Last week, the Bulls suggested at one point that he didn’t know when Brady would be back, before saying the next day that the Bulls actually knew when Brady would be back.

The lack of information regarding an unprecedented hiatus in the middle of the camp has fueled much speculation about the true cause(s) of Brady’s absence. The most foolish theory was that he gave up camp to appear in masked singer. But with Brady saying nothing – and with the Bucs adding to the puzzle in the way they (mis)handled the situation – even the most subtle of concepts gain traction.

Brady may never say anything about why he’s gone. And if he plays three weeks out of tonight in Dallas as he always has, everyone will stop asking.

There will be plenty of things to inquire about, the next time Brady meets with reporters. From Miami’s constant efforts to lure him into dolphins to the latest revelations A group to sign with the raiders In 2020 for everything in between, there will be no shortage of topics to ask Tom questions.

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And he will undoubtedly find a way to provide comprehensive and responsive answers to any of them.