March 23, 2023

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Bob Saget’s Los Angeles home sold for $5.4 million


Bob Saget

Former Los Angeles home sold for $5.4 million

Bob SagetThe former Los Angeles home has finally found a buyer… just one year after the comedian’s unexpected death.

The late comedian’s 6-bed, 7-bathroom home sold off the market last week for $5.4 million — as mentioned, the place was originally Listed for $7.7 million last June, but it dropped to $6.9 million three months later.

Bought the beautiful home in 2003 for $2.8 million, it’s generously spaced—and has great amenities like a spa, BBQ area, walk-in closet, and large parking lot outside. It even has its own guest house as well.

Of course, the home hit the market months later Bob’s deathwhich just reached its first anniversary last month on Jan. 9… when he died in Orlando, after accidentally hitting his head and suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Bob’s wife Kelly They considered the property “too much of a burden”, and decided to dump it despite all the fond memories they shared there.

She posted a photo last month at a get-together honoring Bob with the other “Full House” cast members.

bob’s nephew, Adam Sagetin Compass, menu.

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