April 23, 2024

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Bolzano and his primary class on lies and manipulation | Comment

From Rio de Janeiro

Media from Brazil and various countries, Page 12 of them, they report, is an extreme right-wing president Jair Bolzano Entered the grounds To see the competition between Santos and Gremio means that there is no way to submit a “health passport”, i.e. access to public events requires vaccination proof.

Claiming he can’t enter, Bolzano is decisive. Expressing anger, he complained: “Why the vaccination card?” And results: “Why is that? I have more antibodies than those who have been vaccinated, ”states Kovid-19.

The report targeted his most active followers, but this time it was exaggerated and, at least in the first place, taken seriously by the media. It also helped to strengthen His campaign to protect “herd immunity” And against the vaccine. Even if science and doctors make it clear that no one can be excluded from vaccination if it is reached by Covit-19.

It is not unreasonable for scientists and doctors to warn that the drugs indicated for “initial treatment” prescribed by Bolsanaro and his gang have no efficacy in the fight against Covit-19 and pose risks of side effects. Can lead to death.

The president continued to insist that these were “test” vaccines, with no “proven effect,” ignoring not only the word of experts, but also definitive indications of their good results, including in Brazil: About 60% of the population has been vaccinated, significantly reducing the number of deaths from the disease. In the last days.

This is a successful master class in manipulation and lies: Jair Bolsonaro did not stop entering to watch the game. He was miles away from the ground, as always, from reality.

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But when it comes to who he is, an exemplary and compelling liar, an uncontrollable manipulator, it is a golden opportunity. Bolzano knows how to make good use of it.

Santos’ official statement at the stadium was of no use, making it clear that the president’s intention to attend the game had not been communicated at any time. Also: If such contact occurs, it will violate all the rules and allow Bolsanaro and his entourage to obtain proof of vaccination.

This is another clear, convincing, clear example of Bolsanaro’s Olympic prowess lying and manipulation.

In what he said, one detail needs to be clarified: it is true that he has more antibodies than anyone who has been vaccinated, but not in relation to Covit-19, but truth, responsibility and ultimately dignity, for example.

Those three qualities are not a distant danger that will catch you off guard.