May 23, 2024

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Boris Johnson apologizes to British for hosting a party in the midst of an epidemic: “I must accept responsibility”

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, He confirmed Wednesday that he was briefed at a party in Downing Street Garden during the lockout., Claiming to believe that a Work meeting, And apologized in Parliament.

“I want to apologize. I know that in the last 18 months millions of citizens of this country have made extraordinary sacrifices. I know the pain of not being able to mourn relatives, not being able to live as you wish, not being able to do what you want.The Tory leader reiterated that “I should have done things differently.”

The appearance of the Conservative leader, 57, in parliament was highly anticipated after new revelations that he and his senior officials had violated Govt restrictions by hosting a banquet with drinks, and at a time when numbers were growing. Bad headlines Magazine and Public anger is on the rise.

Boris Johnson during his speech this Wednesday (Reuters TV)

Johnson said Take “responsibility” for the “mistakes” made Y He was asked to wait for an official report on the case, To which the Leader of the Opposition, Labor Khair Stormer, Called on him to resign This has been done in the past by its collaborators who violated the health rules against the corona virus.

“Here we have … the pathetic scene of a lost man”Stormer said. “His defense, not realizing he was at a party, would offend the British public … Are you going to do a decent thing now and leave?”.

Labor leader Khair Stormer (via Parliament / Jessica Taylor / REUTERS)
Labor leader Khair Stormer (via Parliament / Jessica Taylor / REUTERS)

Ian Blackford, Chairman Scottish National Party In Westminster, he called for the resignation of the Prime Minister and appealed to the Conservatives to remove him from office.

“If the Prime Minister does not feel ashamed, conservative MPs should take action to remove him.”, he said.

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The same demand was made by several lawmakers, including Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

But the prime minister turned down opposition demands for his resignation. Y Asked to wait for the results of the investigation Of a high official Sue Gray, Which will determine whether the government is violating the strict regulations imposed to control the epidemic.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's office and asked him to wait for the outcome of the inquiry (Reuters)
However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office and asked him to wait for the outcome of the inquiry (Reuters)

The besieged leader has been quiet ever since An email was leaked Monday night in which a senior official invited more than 100 colleagues to an outdoor event in May 2020., Encourage them “Bring your own drink.”

This was revealed by anonymous witnesses quoted in the media Johnson and his wife, Carey, attended a meeting in their Downing Street apartment and office garden, To date the “Prime Minister” has avoided confirming this.

The party took place in the middle of the country’s first prison, When the government ordered that citizens should not even meet outside, strict restrictions were imposed on community gatherings, including funerals. Higher fines To those who raped them.

Recent claims in a series of similar allegations released last month Held during the Downing Street festivities Subsequent closures before Christmas 2020.

Loss of support in your party

The Widespread public outrage over expressions This caused Johnson and the ruling Conservative Party to slip the referendum mark and attract criticism from his own party.

Boris Johnson with his personal secretary Martin Reynolds, the officer who emailed his colleagues to the banquet at the Prime Minister's House and "Bring your own drink" (REUTERS / Toby Melville / archivo)
Boris Johnson, along with his personal secretary Martin Reynolds, invited his colleagues to a party at the Prime Minister’s House and emailed them “bring their own drink” (REUTERS / Toby Melville / file).

More than 10 Conservative MPs have publicly criticized the Downing Street crowd. One of them, Nigel Mills, said Johnson’s position was “unacceptable” before appearing in Parliament. “If the Prime Minister knowingly attends a party, I do not know how he can accept the resignation and survive at a very low price.”, He said BBC News.

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“He accepted the resignation of his spokesman [Allegra Stratton] For not attending a party and making fun of it at a time when there are so many lighter restrictions. I just think it’s unsustainable, “he said.

Many more Tory MPs are personally expressing their anger, According to the newspaper DefenderWhile some are willing to wait for the results of the official Sue Gray investigation, it will determine whether the government has broken the strict rules imposed to control the epidemic.

A former minister has said that the Conservatives will pay close attention to the Prime Minister’s response. “From that, you’ll get a clear idea of ​​whether colleagues think this is a standard position.”, I said Defender.

This Wednesday, even the first pages of the newspapers that generally support Johnson and the Tories are bad.

“Is the party for the Prime Minister over?Asked the best seller Daily Mail, While holding Daily telegram he said: “Johnson is losing the support of the Conservatives.”

Covers "Daily ink"He and The "Daily telegram"
“Daily” and “Daily Telegraph” cards

“This is my party. I can be secretive if I want to.”The tabloid teased The sun.

Elected overwhelmingly in December 2019, Johnson hoped the Downing Street parties could leave behind earlier revelations and start the new year.

Earlier complaints led to his appointment Sue Gray, Another senior officer, to investigate the allegations. His investigation has now been expanded to include recent allegations.

In the meantime, The London Metropolitan Police said it had contacted the cabinet office about the May 2020 meeting., Raises the possibility of a more serious criminal investigation.

A poster in front of the London Parliament has demanded that the Conservative government be removed and branded. "Corruptor, deceiver, liar and Carlton" (REUTERS / Henry Nichols)
A protest poster in front of the London Parliament calls for the overthrow of the Conservative government and branded it “corrupt, deceitful, liar and Carlton” (REUTERS / Henry Nichols)

Anger at the government’s dual stance

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In this regard, several polls released on Tuesday pointed out Most Britons believe Johnson should resign.

That’s according to a survey of 1,040 adults by Savanta ComRes 66% of those interviewed – and 42% of conservative voters – think the “Tory” leader should step down.

65% think it is Martin Reynolds, An official who invited hundreds of colleagues by email to have a drink at government headquarters “using good weather”. He should also resign from his post.

Another YouGov poll Sky News That was revealed today 56% think Johnson should resign, 27% say they should continue to guide executives and 17% say they have not decided.

The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon today called for Johnson’s resignation, Which has not yet commented on the latest revelations, while the leader of the Labor Party – the first in the opposition -, Khair Stormer, I asked him “Stop lying to the British ”and“ admit it once ”.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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