April 14, 2024

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The WHO says it is a foregone conclusion that Kovid is a local disease The Spanish government’s plan to stop counting epidemics

After the President The Spanish government will rule in favor of the transition from epidemic to local type For Govt-19, they complied with it from the World Health Organization Facing this debate is still “premature” because of the high level of uncertainty Regarding the high prevalence of the Omigran variant and the hospital burden derived from these new wave infections.

“You have to be very careful with predictions about the future,” WHO-European Director Hans Cluj said Tuesday, stressing that now is the priority. Protecting vulnerable groups and health workers, As well as minimizing disruptions to the economy and schools.

Glck recalled that the corona virus had caused “surprise more than once” and that making predictions was “not a good idea”. The basic goal for this year is to “stabilize the epidemic”.

Catherine Smallwood, WHO-Europe emergency chief, said in the same vein: “We are not in a state of epidemic.” According to the official, the evolution of the epidemic “depends on the actions we take collectively in Europe and around the world.”

New wave with unprecedented spikes in epidemics

Further 7 million new cases The first seven days of the year are recorded in the region covering 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia, more than double the number two weeks ago, the WHO noted, although the death rate remains stable and remains high where the rate is high. Low vaccination rate.

Glck was concerned about the impact of Omigran In Eastern countries where the percentage of vaccinated population is low, And recalled that vaccines against severe cases and deaths continue to provide “good protection”.

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The Director of OMS-Europe stressed the importance of keeping schools open for the mental, social and educational well-being of children, and that they should be the last place to close and the first place to reopen.