February 23, 2024

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Brad Pitt shows off his Gen Z era look in a Crocs bucket hat

Brad Pitt shows off his Gen Z era look in a Crocs bucket hat

Brad Pitt

Rockin Bucket Hat, Crocs…

It gives Gen-Z?!?

Brad PittIt ages like a fine wine…or maybe a good white claw – because it came out in Florida in a Gen Z-approved 'fit'.

Check it out… The 60-year-old wore an all-white ensemble on Thursday with two of the younger generation's favorite accessories — a bucket hat and Crocs.

If you didn't know…the younger generation is obsessed with looks like these – especially Crocs, which have partnered with properties like NASCAR and Pixar to appeal to younger audiences.

Matched with a mysterious tracksuit, BP not only looked stylish but was super comfortable as he hopped into his black SUV.

Now, as to why Brad has such a fun, modern style…we have some ideas — starting with his six kids.

The movie star has six children that he shares with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie … the biggest, MaddoxHe is 22 years old, and the youngest is a twin Knox And Vivianthey're 15 years old – so, it's entirely possible that he's trying to match their shooting styles.

Plus… our son Brad is more famous than almost anyone in the celebrity dating game right now – he's been linked to the likes of Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer And Nicole Poturalski Since his divorce in 2016 – he has got a new lady in his life.

She's not in these photos… but we know he was dating Ines de Ramon – A jewelry designer with exquisite taste. So maybe Brad will step up his fashion game with some new outfits to continue impressing her.

Doesn't mean he has to keep doing it… The couple have reportedly been dating since late 2022 and we've seen them You look madly in love On his 60th birthday in December.

There's an old joke that Pete is the guy who always matches up with his girlfriend… so we'll have to see if Ines will try on the tracksuit too!

TMZ Studios

Nice drop, Brad…this one looks different–without the cap!!!

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