March 4, 2024

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Bieber had a “wonderful” impact on Matthews' team in the All-Star game

Bieber had a “wonderful” impact on Matthews' team in the All-Star game

But not as much as they did outside the cocoon coat.

It was the Marni Fuzzy Wuzzy Brushed Dot Padded Sweater in Tulip. Retail price: $4,600.

It was eye-catching, especially with Bieber standing next to Boston Bruins coach Jim Montgomery, who was wearing a light blue jacket while coaching Matthews' team.

“We were loving it,” Matthew said. “We were saying Monty should play in the second half. I don't know if that happened or not. I don't know, if you were very high up in the stands there would be no doubt that you could pick him out of the crowd quite easily.

Unfortunately, Montgomery wasn't able to make a fashion statement.

“I like the coat,” he said. “I wanted to dress it up. I don't have any looks, so it might be better to be loud with my clothes.

But Montgomery was able to talk about music with Bieber.

“On the bench, I was thinking about his mind, and I asked him: 'What do you listen to when you relax at home?'” he said. “Now he said he's listening to a new band from Austin, Texas. I've never heard of them. I wrote it down, so I'm going to review it.”

Near the end of the final, Bieber placed one foot on the bench, watching the action intently. When Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat scored to give Matthews' team a 6-3 lead with 1:51 left, he stood on the bench with his hands in the air.

Finally, after New York Islanders forward Mathew Barzal scored to give them a 7-4 lead with 1:06 to go, Montgomery put his arm around Bieber. At that point, they were all “Beliebers.”

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“We knew we clinched it,” Montgomery said. “He was great to be around. He was so into it, he had real passion.

Those were his only intentions.

“He was shot,” Marner said. “He wanted to win. Yeah, man, it was great to have him behind the bench.”