April 22, 2024

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Brasilia: All set for Lula’s inauguration | More than 300 thousand people are expected

Brasilia: All set for Lula’s inauguration |  More than 300 thousand people are expected

From Brasilia

Brasilia is ready Inauguration of Lula da Silva. Cars honking in celebration ply the streets, holding out their arms in the title of Labor Party (PT) leader, always receiving the same greetings from walkers, alternately in the sun and the rain. Shirt, cap and flag stalls have already been set up to ensure that Brazil will be happy again. The capital of Brazil, the geographical center and the middle of the government, has a wide climate, where everything is big: avenues, buildings, green spaces, clouds, fountains, esplanades. Where are the Ministries? 300,000 people are expected For this Sunday.

“This is a historic moment, we are going through very difficult times in Brazil, people are very happy at this moment, we are going to be happy again,” says Marcia, a woman wearing her Landless Workers’ Movement (MSD) hat. He had come from Rio de Janeiro to attend the inauguration. Many states in the northeast, such as Pernambuco, where the PT won 69.34% of the vote, pass the same way as her, the region where Lula was born and lived before moving with her family to São Paulo in the south, and where her history as a worker, trade unionist and political leader began during her two presidencies. This Sunday begins the third date.

Expectations are high. This is Lula’s new term after two previous terms between 2002 and 2010, and ended with the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in 2016.. A short story, The chase continued Against Lula, who was imprisoned from April 2018 to November 2019. “I was under observation for 580 days in Curitiba prison, I was a cook, I made 25 kg of rice a day, I am a PT member, the reason I live is the PT, it is Lula”, says 71-year-old Malvina Joana de Lima, who arrived in Brasilia, a party All that mentions.

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Malvina holds a Brazilian flag in the center of the food plate. As the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations points out, this shows the hunger returned to Brazil with the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The celebration also marks the end of Bolsonaro’s four years in office. “His whole government is destruction,” said Mirtes, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bolsonaro took a flight to the US: “He’s out of the country, but we believe he’s going to have to pay for a lot of what he’s owed, for everything he’s done, the Covid deaths, all the unnecessary deaths.”

Escapes and threats

Speculation that Bolsonaro might leave the country had been going on for days, until his destination was finally confirmed: Orlando, with his wife Michelle Bolsonaro, to a house worth nearly a thousand dollars a day, for an as-yet-undetermined period of time, according to the Brazilian press. So Bolsonaro will not present the presidential mantle to Lula on Sunday, but he will leave the countryIn an exodus that many would avoid given the uncertainty of the end and opening of his political opposition. Who presents Lula with the presidential sash? This is still an open questionNotably outgoing Vice President Hamilton Mourao said he would not.

“We defeated Bolsonaro, but Bolsonaro continues, fascism continues,” says Mirtes. The idea is a well-founded one: his departure from the Planaldo Palace does not mean the end of his four years of articulated and consolidated political content, especially in view of the events that have transpired since his defeat on October 30. First there were roadblocks, then mobilizations to military camps to demand intervention, followed by encampments at the gates of many of them, as in Brasilia, where the signs still remain. In all episodes, Bolsonaro chooses silence, and when the tipping point is reached, he either stands alone or offers relative condemnation.

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This was also the case in Brasilia, where the most disturbing events took place in December. First of all An attack by a group of Bolsonaros, who burned cars and buses, tried to enter the headquarters of the Central PoliceAn operation that led to police interventions that led to the arrest of four people this week said that “the crimes investigated were criminal damage, arson, criminal association, violent subversion of the rule of law and coup d’état.” Then, on Christmas Eve, it happened A Bolsonaro who had a weapons cache in an apartment complex tried to blow up a truck with gasoline.

“No worries, the federal police are there, they took all the precautions, people are calm,” says Marcia. However, given the radicalization of some Bolsonaros, his view is not shared by many Sunday vigils. In this case, the Minister of the Central Supreme Court, Alexander de Moraes, banned the transportation of weapons in Brasilia from last Wednesday until next Tuesday. “There will be no small terrorist groups paralyzing the Brazilian democratic institutions, there is no place for that in Brazil,” said Flavio Tino, the next justice minister in Lula’s government.

International return

Bolsonaro led Brazil International isolation has been growing in recent months. One of the most egregious cases is the cooling of the distance with the current White House under Joe Biden. Return of LulaAnd for that, Brazil’s re-entry into the increasingly complex current international scene. The South American giant, more than any other in Latin America, is a country capable of playing a leading role in various fora and international agendas, such as BRICS or climate change, one of the main flags raised by the PT leader. When he returns.

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This anticipation of Lula’s return is present in its translation lA lot of determined leaders on Sunday: About 18, in addition to prominent representatives of various powers such as the United States, Russia and China. Brasilia will be the headquarters of international politics in early 2023. One of the questions is whether Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will finally attend, after the ban on entering the country was lifted last Friday. His presence will be a significant event for Caracas, especially after the official end of the so-called “interim government” that occurred this week.

is already known Lula makes his first trips to Argentina, Washington and Beijing. It will be part of the launch of his government, the third and last term for the country’s main left-wing leader in three decades. It will face the challenge of meeting the urgent demands of rebuilding coexistence in a divided society, the faith and functioning of democracy, its institutions, as well as growing inequality. In the hands of Fernando Haddad, the PT and its close allies will do so together with a coalition cabinet in strategic positions such as the Finance Ministry. It all kicks off this Sunday when Lula dons the green and yellow strip again under the cloudy skies of Brasilia.