January 27, 2023

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Jair Bolsonaro breaks his silence and leaves Brazil | He moved to Orlando, USA, thus avoiding Lula’s inauguration

President of Brazil Jair BolsonaroThis Sunday Luiz Inácio will be installed in power by Lula da Silva, who has broken his silence and flown to the United States to try to appease his staunch supporters.

The outgoing president left Brazil this Friday on a presidential flight at around 2pm local time for a minimum stay. A month in OrlandoAmerica, two days ago President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva takes office.

“I’m already on the plane and I’ll be back soon,” Bolsonaro told the news channel CNN Brazil On the Air Force plane that would take him to America, he Lula confirmed he will not attend the inauguration ceremonies next Sunday. Vice President Hamilton Mourau confirmed the trip to Globo News.

mourao is the leader

Morau will be sworn in as president this Friday Because the president will be out of the country and will rule until midnight on Saturday the 31st, although he has said he does not plan to attend the transfer of command ceremonies at Planaldo Palace on Sunday afternoon.

Secondly, Supporters of the Presidentwho called for a coup to prevent Lula from coming to power; They began abandoning camps in front of camps in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

According to him Official Journal of the UnionThe president was accompanied on the flight by eight officials chosen by Bolsonaro as part of the permanent security team for former presidents. According to CNN BrazilFirst Lady and Michel BolsonaroHe was traveling to Orlando, where the president has friends staying in the Florida city where much of the Brazilian community is concentrated in the United States.

An hour after Bolsonaro’s departure, Lula posted a video on Twitter of the Mederada group, which became a hit during the presidential campaign, making a pun between the president’s name and the expression. “It’s time to go.” However, he deleted it after some time.

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Bolsonaro breaks the silence

Still not confirming his trip, the outgoing president went live on his Facebook, which lasted 52 minutes for his followers on social networks. He asked them to continue to resist. “We are not going to believe that the world will end with Lula’s inauguration this January 1,” he declared, urging his followers “not to throw in the towel or stop protesting.” peacefully and within the framework established by the Constitution.

Bolsonaro in his announcement He neither conceded defeat nor congratulated Lula in last October’s elections. Instead, he insisted that he was a “victim” of electoral justice, saying it was not biased and, in his opinion, favored a progressive leader with different results. He reiterated that his freedom and that of far-right groups supporting him had been “cut off”. The electronic voting system that has been in use in Brazil since 1996 has “prevented” them from condemning defeats, as they insist, without any evidence.

In addition, he conducted a management review that began on January 1, 2019 He admitted there were problems, after all, he blamed the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year. Without mentioning Lula by name, he predicted that “the new government coming in will create a lot of problems” and “impose on the country a disastrous ideology that has not worked anywhere in the world.” Following this he said, Govt Lula will be responsible for fuel price hikes starting in January. If the tax cut is withdrawn, the state’s collections have fallen in the last six months for social programs.

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For Bolsonaro, the protests are justified

Further He justified the demonstrations by far-right activists at the barrack gates. There they are calling for a military coup to prevent Lula’s impeachment and keep him in power. According to him, they were a “reaction” to the electoral process that “lacked all transparency” which led to “masses of people taking to the streets and protesting”.

insisted that He did not call for these mobilizations, but insisted that it was a “peaceful, orderly protest respecting the laws”.” and that they are the “spontaneous expression of the people.” However, he distanced himself from some of the acts of violence attributed to certain groups of protestors. A bomb was planted on a tanker truck on its way to Brasilia airport It was defused just in time by the police. “If someone makes a mistake, they are immediately called a Bolsonarista. Nothing justifies this attempt in Brasilia to carry out terrorism in the airport area. “Thank God the element was detained, but they are classifying him as Bolsonarista, that’s how the press is treating him,” he said.

“We don’t want a bad Brazil, but we have to respect our law and our constitution,” Bolsonaro said. Any demonstration against Lula’s government from now on is welcome, he said. According to the far-right leader, his motto “God, motherland, family and freedom will not be lost” should now be the guide for “all patriots” who want to “return to a country with order and progress”.

Bolsonaro exits, Maduro enters

Brazilian government President Nicolás Maduro lifted an order barring him from entering the country this Friday and other Venezuelan officials, the president could attend the inauguration of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva this Sunday. The decision to revoke the decree, which has been in force since 2019, was published this Friday in the official gazette and was signed by Justice Deputy Minister Antonio Ramírez Lorenzo and Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Franca.

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The ban on Maduro and a hundred government officials entering the country was issued by the outgoing president, who recognized the opposition as Venezuela’s “legitimate president” from 2019. Juan Quito. Lula, who maintained a very close friendship with late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, has similar ties to Maduro, and once the government takes office, this January 1st, Restore relations with Venezuela at all levels.

The president-elect appointed the diplomat as the future foreign minister Mauro Vieira, who has already explained that it is the first step towards normalizing relations Send an officer to Caracas, For the reopening of the embassy closed by Bolsonaro. After that, a new ambassador is appointed, which usually takes a few months because it depends on the approval of the Brazilian Senate.

Last week, faced with a new political climate, Maduro made the first move to normalize relations. Brazil’s next ambassador is Manuel Vicente WaddellHe previously served as Venezuela’s Ambassador to Sao Paulo.

to At least 19 heads of state are expected to attend Lula’s inauguration and of Govt. Among others, there is the King of Spain and the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany and Portugal.