April 23, 2024

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Brazil: Bolsonaro’s accounts frozen, his justice minister arrested | Bad news for the former president for the coup

Brazil: Bolsonaro’s accounts frozen, his justice minister arrested |  Bad news for the former president for the coup

From Brasilia

“I appreciate you praying for me.” fromand an American hospital room Jair Bolsonaro spoke to his followers with a downcast face. The alleged mastermind of the attack on the Planaldo Palace in Brasilia received bad news on Tuesday: the Public Ministry had to block his accounts and the Federal Supreme Court ordered the arrest of one of his trusted men, Anderson Torres.

Lawyer Lucas Rocha Furtado He requested that his accounts be frozen In the framework of the investigation against the suspects participated as masterminds or material authors in Sunday’s attacks. By targeting Bolsonaro, the prosecutor’s office is tacitly agreeing to the plan laid out by the president. Luis Inacio Lula da Silvafor whom The ex-captain was the real figure behind last weekend’s uprising.

where to go

The request by the attorney general’s office will add further arguments to the US Democratic Party representatives who requested the “expulsion” of the hospitalized patient in Orlando, Florida. His friend Anderson Torres. It should be noted that President Joe Biden has shown no sympathy for the former president, even though the pressure for deportation is early. The democratic ruler dismissed the far-right insurgency and telephoned Lula, to whom he expressed his solidarity and reiterated an invitation to meet him at the White House in February.

According to close sources BolsonaroHis return to Brasilia has not been ruled out To avoid being embarrassed by legislators who defined him as “dangerous”, he published the UOL portal. Other informants estimate he may extend his stay in Florida or travel to Italy, where he hopes to seek a form of asylum against citizenship and prison orders. Faced with this opportunity, Deputy Angelo BonelliThe Green Party told the Italian lower house that its country’s government should not grant citizenship to someone who “attacks democracy” and expressed its support for Lula.

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Anderson Torres

Central Supreme Court Judge, Alexander de MoraesPublished by A Arrest warrant against Anderson Torres, former head of the Brasilia Public Security Secretariat. As for Magistrate Torres, he was one of those who ignored or were complicit with the Brazilian military police against the thousands of Bolsoneristas who invaded the capital’s main avenue, the Esplanada de los Ministerios. The executive, legislative and judicial powers are performing a worst version of an attack on the US capital. A phenomenon justified by Bolsonaro.

This prison order against Torres was a hook on the chin of the head of the far right. The commissioner was his government’s minister of justice and its main operator in the government of Brasilia. Eventually, Torres, who remains in Orlando, is captured to help bring down the Bolsonaro gang that orchestrated the failed coup in which he participated. The head of the Brazilian police is Colonel Fabio VieiraAnother arrest warrant was issued against him.


President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Tuesday won his congressional The summer recess was lifted to “urgently” approve its federal intervention mandate in Brasilia. In this way, the legislative branch joined the attack against the perpetrators and accomplices of the coup this weekend.

The incumbents of the Senate, the Conservatives Rodrigo PachecoAnd representatives, Bolsonerista Arthur Lyra, They agreed to meet on record to give Lula the legal tools he needed to fight the treasonous plot. Also, police forces have to take control of security in the central capital, which is contaminated by anti-democratic agents.

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Another turning point for the government Supreme Court order to remove coup camp set up in front of army headquarters In the capital, this is over 1.2 thousand terrorists arrested.

Suspicions of terrorism

With the end of the military front encampment, Bolsonaro’s movement began to look for new targets to keep the unstable climate alive. Roads and routes were blocked on Monday in Sao Paulo in the southeastern region, Mato Grosso in the Amazon and Santa Catarina in the south.

This information was disclosed by the National Electricity Authority on Tuesday Three high-pressure towers were demolished in the provinces of Rondônia, which borders Bolivia and Argentina and Paraná, on the border with Paraguay. He faced the suspicion that nasty jobAn emergency committee was formed to investigate the case and prepare a contingency plan to deal with the risk of further attacks.

It is suspected that Bolsonaro is trying to maintain an atmosphere of instability in the retreat or withdrawal phase before organizing mass actions against the executive, legislative and judicial branches last Sunday. In the extremists’ crosshairs will be oil giant Petrobras, which has entered a phase of renationalisation that Lula ordered on his first day in government.

The designated owner of the oil company, Jean Paul Prates, He expressed concern over the “danger” of blockades against refineries, for which he asked authorities to strengthen “security and intelligence measures”.


The use of terrorism as a political weapon has been a hallmark of Bolsonaro’s biography. In the eighties He was subjected to a process of military justice for organizing the plan to plant bombs in the barracks And blow up a water supply plant to force for higher wages. The court found the then-lieutenant guilty and agreed not to punish him in exchange for his retirement.

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In the last decade, a deputy, Bolsonaro Parapolis strengthened its ties with the “militants”. whose interests he represented in Congress. Being a lobbyist of sorts for those gangs, he had already used the full forum to defend their legitimacy. Once in government, between 2019 and 2022, he empowered “militants” with positions and funds, and often used intimidation as leverage against opponents.

With that post It is possible to suspect that Bolsonaro was the instigator of the attack on Planaldo. And may be linked to, or at least announced, sabotage against high voltage towers.