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Study Free English, Technology and Skills in 2023

Study Free English, Technology and Skills in 2023

The beginning of the year is a good time for this Start a business or study It encourages and enables employment To move up in the workplace.

People set their goals for 2023, and many times updating or acquiring knowledge is necessary or convenient to achieve them.

The following possibilities are available Study on scholarship or for free The Skills that are most in demand in the job market Current.

Scholarship for IT Certificates

Junior feat Argentina Offers scholarships for certification in digital skills and employability. They are currently available for areas such as IT support and cloud management.

In an environment Youth unemployment As adult unemployment in the country doubles – affecting around 20% of young people according to recent INDEC measurements – STEM careers and digital skills are the gateway to the global economy.

Scholarships to Study Cloud Computing for Free

The Junior Achiever Scholarship, in partnership with various organizations, aims to provide opportunities to young people from vulnerable backgrounds who need immediate entry into the labor market.

Certified training under online mode with professional teachers and mentors from IT industry Technological learning and the development of social-emotional skillsTaking into account the incorporation of tools and training to work in the workplace.

“We know that the way of studying and working is changing. Along with this, the job requirements are also in sight. From the youngest achievement, we want to provide opportunities for this new world, where students can get certificates that allow them to work and continue to create. Continuously. We see in them enthusiasm and a desire to innovate.” said Bernardo Brugnoli, director of the youngest achievement in Argentina.

Upon completion of the technical modules, students receive a certificate recognizing their mastery of knowledge and content, and they begin to move into the humanitarian phase where they strengthen their social-emotional skills and receive support and tools for employment in an area. High demand like IT sector.

Junior Achievement Scholarships are available Youth between 18 to 25 years of age With a post-secondary degree obtained or in progress. The Notice Ends February 16.

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Learn to program

Aptuco has opened a new invitation to everyone who wants to learn how to easily and intuitively build software applications from start to finish. By 2022, more than 35,000 people have already participated in Abtugo training. By 2023, the goal is to continue training more professionals through a course at zero cost to all participants.

Scholarships to learn to program and develop software or applications

Scholarships to learn to program and develop software or applications

To register, applicants must Pay around 6,000 pesos (price equivalent to US$ 35), but it They will be refunded in full on completion of the course. For all who comply with class attendance and assignment of work instructions.

“This year we are working with leading companies and recruiters in the field, so we can offer this course at zero cost to everyone who decides to participate and engage. We have already proven that this course allows us to identify high performers. Developers, companies make us a center of talent in an environment that requires more professionals. ” explained Gaston Coroterrasu, founder and CEO of Appduco.

The The first courses will start on March 6. Classes are held two days a week – Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday – from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Argentine time. Those who register by February 15th will have additional benefits Early bird project. Upon completion, all students will be able to create their own systems.

Google Series Training

Google is making several attempts Free training It allows people to improve their knowledge about various organizational tools used around the world.

On the one hand, on stage “I grew up with Google” Online courses are offered that allow people to learn skills at their own pace to improve their lives and grow their businesses. From how to spot trends on Google Trends, on a budget, to winning local customers with Google My Business.

Then your Digital GarageGoogle offers many free online courses for skills that are currently in demand in the market. Digital Marketing, Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Some of these options are free to take and may require certification.

For those looking to enter the new economy in the cloud, in 2021, Google Cloud presented his new Site further training, a hub of free educational resources and programs for developers and IT professionals who want to learn or improve their skills in working with cloud technologies. In July 2022, new options and learning paths were added.

Finally, for those who want to train from their cell phones, the “Internet Giant” has emerged Google Primer, a free app It allows you to acquire new skills in marketing and business at any time and place as it is used offline. It has short courses covering topics like business plans, business administration, digital marketing, SEO, social networks and more.

Scholarships to study English in UK

Banco Santander and the British Council will provide 100 scholarships For a project Learn English by immersion for three weeks on a British university campus in July and August next year. The initiative was born in an environment where language proficiency is an important skill that can help improve employability.

100 scholarships are aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years of age living in 11 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, USA, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Uruguay). The scholarship covers accommodation and travel to the United Kingdom and does not require you to be a bank customer or hold a university degree.

They can apply for Santander scholarships Next till January 30, 2023.

Designed by the British Council, the program consists of daily tutored English classes tailored to each student’s level (from lower intermediate to advanced). In addition, it will provide social and cultural activities to facilitate immersion in the everyday life of a British university campus. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Scholarship to study English in UK with junior achievement

Scholarship to study English in UK with junior achievement

Courses will be held between July 1 and August 17, 2023. By the end of March 2023, the British Council will notify beneficiaries of the exact dates of their stay and the date they will be allocated to one of the three universities. Taught in: Conventry, East Anglia and Sheffield.

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For Blanca Sagastum, Deputy Global Director of Santander Universities, Open Innovation and Blockchain, “This scholarship is not only an amazing opportunity to improve English at a high speed and in a prestigious British Council school, but also the opportunity to live an international experience while immersing themselves in British culture and traditions”.

Soft and emotional skills

Arcos Dorados continues to offer free digital training MCampus site For the youth of Argentina.

Further 19,300 young people have already had the opportunity to train for their future in emotional intelligence, personal finance, entrepreneurship, customer service, health and well-being and other options.

“We are proud to contribute to the training of many young people. Today, education with work experience is very necessary so that those who are starting to take their first steps in the professional field know what their future holds. This initiative, along with the programs we have carried out over the years, is different at the level of talent training institutions. allows us to confirm that,” confirmed David Grinberg, vice president of corporate communications for Argos Dorados.

The initiative came in response to youth unemployment, one of the major problems in the region. Based on a feedback survey, the company conducted a consultation in August 2021 The trend is that 61% of young people between the ages of 16 and 25 feel that training is essential. Strengthen their skills and compensate for lack of experience when getting their first formal job.

Additionally, 66% cited employment as a priority need, while 51% declared education as one of the keys to their future.

Interested parties can access free and digital content by entering MCampus site So get yours Official certificate From the University of Hamburg, the largest and leading institutional university in the region. It stands out for promoting leadership, performance and work culture so that young people deepen their skills in their first job or search for new opportunities in their careers.