December 2, 2023

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Brazil: Disagreements with Israel over Counter-Terrorism | Mossad said it cooperated in thwarting the attack by Hezbollah

Brazil: Disagreements with Israel over Counter-Terrorism |  Mossad said it cooperated in thwarting the attack by Hezbollah

This Thursday, Brazil expressed its displeasure with statements by Israeli officials About their arrest operation in Sao Paulo Two are suspected of planning terrorist attacks.


Brazil’s Minister of Justice and Security, Flavio DinoHe posted a message on his social media account “We reject any foreign power trying to direct Brazilian police agencies, or using investigations about us for propaganda purposes for their political interests,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Federal Police (PF) released a statement saying it “rejects the reports of foreign authorities regarding the police operation”, which included raids in Brasilia and Minas Gerais, in the southeast of the region. “These kinds of demonstrations violate good practices of international cooperation and harm future operations,” he added.

The issue arose after the PF reported in a letter on Wednesday that the arrests of the two suspects were the result of an operation to “interfere with the preparation of terrorist acts”, without specifying possible motives or any links to foreign groups. But still Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossadissued a statement on the same day He “collaborated with Brazilian authorities to thwart an attack in Brazil, planned by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, directed and financed by the Iranian regime.”.

According to the intelligence agency, “the terrorist group was planning attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Brazil.” Several Brazilian media reported that one of the targets of the operation admitted to police that he had been recruited by a group linked to Hezbollah.

The Israeli ambassador’s statementWho informed the press Or the globe That “If Hezbollah chooses Brazil, it is because of its supporters.”. PF’s director, Andrei Passos Rodrigues, told the news site G1 His discomfort noted that these comments surprised him negatively.

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A crossover with predecessors

This is not the first time that there has been tension between Brazil and Israeli authorities. What’s more, in mid-October the Israeli embassy and the ruling Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) exchanged criticism over the outbreak of war.

“It is deplorable to compare Hamas, a party that defends human rights, a terrorist organization that goes door-to-door killing entire families, with what the Israeli government is doing to protect its citizens,” the embassy said in a statement. Social networking site

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s party expressed its condemnation of the “unacceptable attacks, killings and kidnappings of civilians by both Hamas and the State of Israel”. Following a message from the Israeli embassy, The PT issued a statement calling its interpretation of the report “completely false and malicious” and blaming Israel for the bombing of a hospital in Gaza.. “Anyone representing the Brazilian government who carries out this kind of attack has no moral authority to speak about human rights,” PT said in a final note.

Since the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East on October 7, The president has repeatedly condemned attacks by the Islamist group Hamas in Israel..