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| November 20, 2018

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Brighton is Braced to Free the Nipple Next Weekend!

Brighton is Braced to Free the Nipple Next Weekend!
Jack Mitchell-Charman

Brighton is no stranger to what less progressive parts of the country might consider unorthodox. If the Naked Bike Ride is anything to go by, the city truly is one which does not subscribe to prescribed boundaries. This tradition is set to be continued as Brighton partakes in Free the Nipple!

The Free the Nipple movement has grown in prominence in recent years. It serves to fight patriarchal values which oppress the female body as a result of male preference. As the event organisers state:

“We are not ruled by the male gaze”

The movement aims to reclaim female bodies and ward off the age-old stigma imposed on the female biology.

If any city encapsulates this breaking of tradition, it is undoubtedly Brighton! The city is widely known for its progressive nature. Free the Nipple will serve as a wonderful precursor to Pride, celebrating self-expression, freedom and equality!

The organisers have pointed out many of the paradoxical aspects of modern sexism: “In our society, breasts are intensely sexualised. This means that while breasts are considered hugely desirable and attractive, women and trans folk are shamed for showing them and we’re frequently hounded for breastfeeding in public.”

In today’s world, we should have reached a point where we can express ourselves, or look however we please. However, this is clearly not the case, with males generally dictating how females should act and look: “We find too that if breasts don’t look perfect enough or our bodies don’t reflect the generic beauty standard, we are deeply ridiculed and disrespected.”

Clearly, there is a need to fight the restrictive rules imposed on the female body. It’s about time women had a real form of equality! So make sure to be at the Free the Nipple rally on July 7th!

For event information and updates, click here!

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