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Brighton Journal | July 16, 2019

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Brighton’s response on Theresa May’s defeat and Brexit chaos

Brighton’s response on Theresa May’s defeat and Brexit chaos
Lorraine Bigi

With the 29th March fast approaching, the huge defeat Theresa May faced yesterday is set to bring even more uncertainty on the future of the country post-Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn called for a vote of no confidence, and if no agreement is found a general election will take place.

Brighton has clearly been opposed to the prospect of the UK leaving the EU, with 68.6% of voters backing Remain in the 2016 referendum. Only this week, Greens have encouraged the Labour Council to speak out against a damaging Brexit deal for the city and back a People’s vote. An analysis requested by the Green Group of Councillors revealed that Brighton and Hove could face a job crisis, especially in the tourism, hospitality and healthcare sectors, should there be a no-deal Brexit.

To find out whether the residents share the same opinion, we asked around the streets of Brighton whether they think Theresa May should resign and if the country should hold a general election and/or a second referendum.

Peter said: “Theresa May should’t resign, certainly not. She’s done extremely well and she’s got the best deal that she possibly could. She should sit through and her MPs should back her. I don’t believe there should be a general election, there is no one else around that could handle the situation at this moment. Labour does not have a clue about what to do and does not have any answers. We should all back our PM and we’ll move forward. I also don’t believe we should have a second referendum. People have voted and we should stick to it.”

Judie (left) commented: “No, absolutely not, Theresa May should not resign. Who else would we have in place? I don’t want a general election and I don’t want a second referendum either. It’s a diplomatic thing, it’s been done, now we need to move forward. What if this was the other way round, would the Brexiteers have tried to reverse things?”

Luise (right) said: “I don’t think Theresa May should resign. The people have been asked to vote, and just because it’s not what the politicians want to hear there’s talks of a second referendum. I have lived when we weren’t in the European Union and we didn’t vote to join it. It was called the Common Market then, and we could travel freely even back then.”

A student from Brighton university said: “Yes, I think she should resign because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I think the government should prioritise a second referendum over a general election, because hopefully the Remain side will win this time.”

Katerina, a Sussex University student, said: “Yes, I believe she should, she is not the right person for this job. I’m not sure whether I’d like to have another general election, but I definitely want another Brexit referendum now that the people are more informed on what leaving the EU would involve.”

Finally, we asked a passer-by in Ship Street who said: “Personally, yes, I don’t like her. I’m not too sure about a new general election or a second referendum, I am not really on the fence about it. On the one hand I think there were some inequalities, but at the same time I believe having a second referendum would be undemocratic.”

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