February 26, 2024

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British planes intercept Russian nuclear bombings over the North Sea

A Russian Tu-160 (nearby plane) in Belarusian airspace this Friday (Russian Defense Ministry)

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) sent warplanes to the North Sea with the aim of intercepting two Russian nuclear bombings. then what British troops were stationed on the Polish border.

According to the newspaper Daily Mail, Typhoon fighters set off from Lacimouth, Scotland; And Goningsby, Lincolnshire; With a refueling flight from Price Norton in Oxfordshire this Friday.

Two Russian bombers Tu-160 White Swan Entered “The area of ​​interest to the UKWithout further ado, the defense ministry confirmed. That’s when they were arrested.

Radar reports say Kremlin fighter jets headed into international airspace via the North Sea at 12:45 pm (local time).

This happens sometimes British troops assist Polish army in strengthening its border with Belarus As an expression of support.

Russian-Belarusian air forces conduct joint maneuvers in the Krotno region (Belarusian Ministry of Defense)
Russian-Belarusian air forces conduct joint maneuvers in the Krotno region (Belarusian Ministry of Defense)

Russia sent paramedics to the Belarusian border on Friday for training, Since the beginning of this week hundreds of Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis and many others have been camping in the hope of crossing into Poland.

Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, Said a staff of British staff The “spy” mission With their Polish counterparts on the tense border. A source confirmed Telegraph They belong to the Royal Engineers.

Our soldiers will cooperate to strengthen the fence on the border between Poland and Belarus”, Dijo Blaszczyk.

The British Ministry of Defense said the deployment was a sign of friendly relations between the United Kingdom and Poland.

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A small team of UK armed forces has been sent following an agreement with the Polish government to explore how we can provide engineering support to deal with the current situation on the Belarusian border.A ministry spokesman added:

Troops stationed on the border between Belarus and Poland (Reuters)
Troops stationed on the border between Belarus and Poland (Reuters)

Russian-Belarusian air forces carry out joint maneuvers in the Grotno region on Friday, The concentration of several thousand migrants from the Middle East near the Polish border has caused a crisis between Minsk and the European Union.

Il-76 transport planes took Russian air divisions to the Koshsky military range near the Polish border on Friday.

Tactical Exercises An Answer “Military action increased near the Belarusian border“The former Soviet Defense Ministry said.

Among other things, the military will carry out offensive exercises and take control of the “unknown landing zone” and search for and eliminate saboteurs and armed groups.

Both sides noted that the Russian and Belarusian divisions would return to their usual places once they had completed their mission.

Joint exercises between Russians and Belarusians (Ministry of Defense of Belarus)
Joint exercises between Russians and Belarusians (Ministry of Defense of Belarus)

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, Agreed Thursday to ask the Kremlin chief. Vladimir Putin, Moscow sent strategic bombs Tu-22 and Tu-160 on Wednesday and Thursday to help secure the border with the European Union.

Let them whine! Yes, they are bombs capable of carrying nuclear weapons. But we had no choice. We need to see what they are doing beyond our bordersLukashenko said during a government meeting.

Regular patrol planes, “he explained.To the atmosphere created in the air and on the ground”, They will fly across the border with all members of Poland, the Baltic states, NATO and Ukraine.

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This week, Moscow, which has extended its military presence in Belarus for 25 years, supports Minsk in its conflict with Poland and other parts of the European Union.

Lukashenko ordered the Ministry of Defense, the KGB and the border forces to guarantee “control over the movement of NATO and Polish troops.”

Already 15,000 soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles and helicopters seem to be flying near the planes. They were stopped at the border and, moreover, without informing anyone, they were forced to do so.”, He rebuked.

Faced with immediate European sanctions, the Belarusian dictator threatened to cut off Russian gas to Brussels and block trade.

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