June 23, 2024

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The OAS approved in favor of Argentina

Kafiro: “I was supported by the will and consensus of the Argentine people to promote historic American unity.”

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved the Declaration on the Malvinas Islands Question, reaffirming the need for the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom and Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume negotiations. In order to find a peaceful solution to the dispute, as soon as the sovereignty dispute is over.

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro thanked his colleagues for approving the report presented by the Brazilian representative in the framework of the 51st session of the OAS, which is taking place in Guatemala from Wednesday.

“I am supported by the will and consensus of the people of Argentina for promoting historically significant American unity,” the foreign minister said in a virtual form in the legislature, adding that “the Malvinas question is a historical and central issue for all. Argentina.” .

In that sense he has pointed this out “According to its first interim section of our national constitution, by reclaiming the said territories and making full use of sovereignty, it respects the way of life of its citizens and creates a lasting purpose in accordance with the principles of international law. The people of Argentina are inseparable.”.

“This is a goal that transcends governments and creates real state policy.”“All political forces in my country agree,” he said.

“In response, in August 2020, the National Council for Matters relating to the Malvinas Islands, southern Georgia, southern sandwiches and related maritime and insular spaces was created by Act 27558. President of the Nation”.

“I support the will and consensus of the Argentine people to promote historic American unity.”Santiago Cafiro

During a session in which several countries intervened to reaffirm support for the resumption of talks between Argentina and the United Kingdom, the Argentine Foreign Minister warned, “The past has not weakened the validity of our request or the strength of our confidence. Representatives from Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Panama and El Salvador.

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Kafiro recalled that the OAS member states “have formed a historic consensus through the commitment of this General Assembly, its highest body, which is the subject of the Malvinas Question Perpetual Hemispheric Interest” and “most of the thirty resolutions and declarations adopted at the OAS since 1982”.

These resolutions and declarations “acknowledge the existence of a sovereign problem on the islands” and “urge the parties to engage in negotiations to resolve it peacefully,” he said.

“The British hijacking, contrary to the international law in force at the time, represented a violation of Argentina’s territorial integrity, and has been protested without hindrance since then, and without my consent. Country.”, Explained the Foreign Minister at the proposed session to approve the Uruguay Declaration.

In that sense, he pointed out, “it makes the Falkland Islands a colonial territory, but not a colonial one.” There is no city to be subjugated, dominated or exploited.

Telum S.E.

“In 1965, with the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution 2065, the Malvinas question was classified as a special and specific case of decolonization, which involved a sovereign dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The Chancellor said in his presentation.

He added, “Because of this, Resolution 2065 (XX), which defines the question of the Malvinas Islands within the framework of the United Nations, or any of the following resolutions in this regard in the General Assembly and the United Nations.

Kafiro, at the end of his statement, pointed out that Argentina “has repeatedly expressed its willingness to negotiate with the UK” and “maintains its firm willingness to negotiate to find a peaceful solution to the dispute”.

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“Unfortunately, the British refusal to re-establish bilateral dialogue continues not only against the continued resolutions of the UN and the OAS, but also against the numerous declarations made by the international community,” he warned.

In this context, he stressed that Argentina “wants to recognize our region as an example of peace and dialogue between nations” and that “to achieve this it is necessary to resolve the sovereignty dispute.”