January 31, 2023

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CELEBRATION IN LIMITS: A fan climbs to the top of the obelisk causing tension

Thousands of Argentina fans They celebrated All day long and late into the night srgentina team world title in Qatar And there is no shortage of situations that transcend a normal celebration. Such is the condition of a man who has climbed to the top obelisk It created tense moments in the city of Buenos Aires.

Tears, flags and drums: Thousands of Argentines take to the streets to celebrate the World Cup

As people below chanted and waved their flags, a small group forced their way into the obelisk and climbed to the top floor. From there, some put their flags outside the windows, but One of them put his whole body out the window.

This created a strong fear that the fan would fall into the void A night to celebrate ending in sadness.

Tragedy in Bahía Blanca: He was hanged with an Argentine flag while out celebrating on a motorcycle

Fortunately, members of the city police finally managed to stop him from coming down. The incident took place after 10pm when the man was seen trying to take a photo with a cellphone. However, another group appeared again at 11:30, accordingly Clarion.


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