June 8, 2023

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CFK has been reduced but represents the election game of the ruling party, while the focus is on the IMF

Christina Kirchner, in her last performance. Let’s see how the call plays out on May 25

Official figures added another source of data linked to inflation: baskets from which to draw lines poverty and destitution Add up to a year-on-year increase over the general price index 113 And this 121 percent. At the same time as the INDEC report was released, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner He dramatically described the economic, social and political environment of the country. An expression of “democratic disaffection” — she refers to collective sadness — but she did it anyway. From past and present responsibilities. It is the chosen configuration To reiterate That she will not be a candidate border At the same time the game of the ruling party.

His decision not to be a candidate for CFK painted a context that was key to disarmament A great activity Against all fronts. He used that word again “ban” And extended it to Peronism, supporting the same Enemy Construction (Opposition, Judges and Media) He has been dragging his feet since his presidential years. was An educated pieceThis is over Eclipse PJ is a bureaucratic meeting of the Congress.

It is now known if the event scheduled for May 25 has been changed. But now it is exposed A gesture of inner strength And one way condition Game: Next Alienation against managementAttack on justice and disqualification of agreements with IMF, today itself is the center of economic expectation of the government. Little difference to recreate an image like the one that won the 2019 election.

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The biggest political data is that the latter has reiterated that he will not run for any office. Word worth, his A clear political address and for warning about “Program” Must be accepted before election. “It is no coincidence that the two leaders who accepted the IMF program did not retain electoral qualifications”The text circulated by CFK says.

Letter from the former President changes but does not destroy internal uncertainty. At the same time, it has an impact on the context of driving efforts Sergio Massa Before the International Monetary Fund, the dollar and as an important component of controlling prices, ie, Recover the economic wind and therefore the political. It was him Real point Domestic expectation, the exhaustion of continuous increases in rates and central bank intervention in the financial market, with exchange controls and programs that act directly on prices.

From an economic point of view, they were basically exposed Two lines Against the persistence of inflation. The aforementioned measures and negotiations to gradually adjust the agreement with the Fund, limited negotiations with China and, more recently, the so-far complicated talks with Brazil to reduce the burden of dollars on bilateral trade.

Sergio Massa is in charge of negotiating efforts with the IMF

Expectations with the IMF are tied Global considerations About the negative impact if the local crisis worsens. The reasons put forward for ideas of convergence—first, the effects of drought—seem to be the opposite. A hedge Even within the international system.

However, the need for a response from finance is clear at the domestic level, even speculatively area, should go on the election road. Inflation shock in April (8.4%) and according to economists, the data for the first half of May speak A process with its own dynamics Difficult to mitigate. Massa was in charge of targeting the coach to claim Political peace At least some economic stability should be considered. The reaction of Kirchnerism, until now, has been a renewed demand Fixed amount against revenue decline, one that has already generated a series of rejections in the government. CFK puts it the other way around by pointing to the phenomenon of below poverty line wage earners. And he added a reference to the IMF.

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In light of the current administration and the forty years that have passed since the end of the dictatorship, distancing from the former president was an implicit and powerful element in his letter. An external topic, he spoke about “Economically deprived, socially degraded, politically and institutionally disintegrating democracies”.

His announcement changed the game for potential candidates -Massa, Eduardo “Vado” Di Pedro, Daniel Cioli and others-, with caution about the role. determine economy. The political side, in his speech, was devoted to complementing the above Axis of the Enemy It offers an attempt to get out of the game -the Justice Party, the opposition and the dominant media, according to its terms-, the causes it faces and the incitement of political violence.

A “barrier” would be possible. A way to avoid considering your current situation without a final judgment. In other words: it can be “disabled” at speed. “Total Weakness and Weakness”.

The thought of “Harassment” Linked to Election Calendar He closed the speech based on the Supreme Court decisions that suspended the gubernatorial elections in Tucuman and San Juan. It was a gesture to PJ’s provincial chiefs who often bet take off National administration and internal “major” elections of the ruling party.

In the coming weeks, the alliances and the roster — and defining whether they’ll go to STEP — will be the first to emerge. Who is the true candidate of Kirchnerism?If there is no spin reset Functional “crying”. Speculations relate to calculations to wear That causes a crisis and that includes the former president. Massa has been insisting on the need for a united candidate rather than going to the primaries. The result will be stronger political data for the economy. And the economy is decisive. Also C.F.K.

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