June 19, 2024

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Crisis in Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso dissolves parliament and calls early elections amid impeachment inquiry against him.

Crisis in Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso dissolves parliament and calls early elections amid impeachment inquiry against him.

QUITO.- President of Ecuador William Lazo It decided to implement the so-called constitutional instrument this morning The cross of deathwhy Dissolves ParliamentHours after the impeachment inquiry into his impeachment began.

“I have decided to invoke Article 148 of the Constitution which gives the power to dissolve the National Assembly. A serious political crisis”, assured the conservative president, who also requested the National Electoral Council (CNE). “Immediate Call for Election”.

“It is a democratic decision because it is constitutional and gives back to the people the power to decide their future”, the President assured that he still has a few days left to complete half of his term. Lasso blames Parliament Block your government action from day one.

The President has also announced The first order of economic emergency has been sent to the Constitutional Court to strengthen the economy and reduce taxes for 460,000 Ecuadorian families.. From now on only the President He will rule by decree.

The National Assembly was militarized from the start. No one can enter. It was learned that the armed forces received quarter orders from yesterday afternoon. The deputies planned to continue the political hearing two hours after the national chain because about thirty of them did not intervene.

“This is the best decision to provide a constitutional solution to Ecuador’s ongoing political crisis and civil unrest.” The President added.

Soldiers guard the National Assembly in Quito, Ecuador, Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Dolores Ochoa – AB

The bench representatives of the Citizens’ Revolution stepped forward If Lasso decrees death on the cross, his intention is to establish himself in Parliament. Leonidas Issa, head of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (KONEI), also threatened to make a call. A new acquisition of capital If Lasso decides to take this action.

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In the national chain of the Ministry of Defence, The army pledged to maintain “full respect for the constitution and laws”. said Nelson Proiano, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The army chief argued that the president’s decision is constitutional and should be respected by citizens.

“We are sure of that The country will not accept any attempt to change the constitutional order through violence against democracy. In that case, the Armed Forces and the National Police will act resolutely in accordance with our constitutional mission to protect the lives, rights and guarantees of the Ecuadorian people,” the commander noted.

“We are closer than ever. Vice President Alfredo Borrero, the ministers, we all continue to work so that Ecuador regains its peace. The country does not stand still. Public services will function as usual. The armed forces and the National Police continue their daily work in the fight against crime and terrorism,” said the President. Lasso tweeted. Failed impeachment vote.

Lasso has finally succumbed to pressures that have indicated that this is the right way out of the political crisis Ecuador is experiencing. The National Electoral Council (CNE) has seven days to call presidential and legislative elections in the coming months. A new alternate presidency and national assembly will be in charge The current term expires in May 2025.

“The Lasso government, by signing the decree, seems to understand that His new role is transformational That is why he overcomes death. While this may seem like a confusing move, I think it can be An escape valve To calm the tension, parties and social movements, after demonstrating in the streets, must group together and return to the electoral campaign, and this will be the platform to oppose the decree laws sent by the government”, stressed analyst Pedro Donoso. .

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Former President Rafael CorreaAbroad, who leads the opposition coalition surrounding Lasso’s conservative government, responded on social media to confirm that crucifixion is illegal.

“Apparently there is no ‘inner shock’. He could not buy enough legislators to save himself. In any case, This is a great opportunity to free Laso, his government, and his hired legislators and reclaim the homeland.”, highlighting Correa, a fugitive from Ecuadorian justice after an eight-year corruption conviction.

Lasso He denies the alleged fraud Regarding a contract at state oil transportation company Flobec, he argued that his administration had made lucrative changes to the contract, which he signed years before he took office.

On Tuesday, on the first day of the final phase of the impeachment case against him, he accused legislators of “abandoning” their role as legislators. “You don’t make laws, you break them., you are not strengthening the norms, but rather weakening them, tearing them apart and exasperating them. “You don’t think about how to make the rules of coexistence, but how to break them,” he said.

Protesters of Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso demonstrate in the vicinity of the legislative building in Quito, May 16, 2023.Rodrigo Buendia – AFP

The debate which lasted for more than 13 hours yesterday was temporarily halted by the intervention of 39 legislators. Speaker of the Assembly Virgilio Tsakisela, gathered at the compound this Wednesday morning to continue the debate, where there was an intervention of about 30 legislators.

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