February 22, 2024

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Chile and Venezuela: Different News | Comment

Sunday saw two important elections. In Venezuela, normal performance and the presence of almost all fragments of the opposition have given the Bolivian government an extraordinary victory, as well as the coup plotters and thugs defended by Washington and the reactionary bureaucracy who are hard to digest. European Union. In Chile, the second round is expected to feature Republican neo-Nazi Jose Antonio Cast and Gabriel Borick, candidate of the Abrew Dignity Coalition (Broad Front and Communist Party). While many polls have claimed victory in the war, it is unlikely that the Pinochet candidate will win the first relative minority, even though he is far from an absolute majority.

Unlike Venezuela, Chile called elections to elect a president, deputies (155) and 27 senators, in addition to regional councilors. The situation set at this time allows only a few guesses to be made about what will happen in the second round scheduled for December 19th. Historical precedents suggest that the candidates who won the first round from 1990 to the present also won the ballot. If these figures are confirmed then we can say that we are facing a real political earthquake. None of the three parties that have dominated Chilean political life since the end of the dictatorship, not only because of Castin’s victory in the first round: the UDI, the National Reform and the Christian Democrats, have been absent with their own candidates. On the second lap. In an environment where the Chilean people are trying to create a constitution of a democratic nature for the first time in their history, one can speak without hesitation about the end of the cycle. The uncertainty created by the electoral performance of the far right casts a dark shadow over the credibility of such a noble cause.

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In Venezuela, this Sunday is the 29th election since Hugo Chavez became President of the Republic of Frias on February 2, 1999. Nonetheless, opposition to the review against Chavismo from Washington and Brussels did not stop tarnished even for a moment. To the Bolivarian government as a dictatorship that devastated Latin America in the 1970s. How can we not remember the wise words of Eduardo Galliano? “Hugo Chavez is a dictator, yet he is an avid dictator. He has won eight elections in five years. If the presence of the opposition is a positive figure, the level of electoral participation will be another very effective indicator, taking into account that voting is no longer mandatory from 1984 onwards due to the agreement between the two main political forces, democratic action and Christian democracy. Considering the role, those close to 50 percent in both Venezuela and Chile would be warmly welcomed.Of course, with the approval of the Maduro government, this country is likely to observe multiple elections in practice. Occupied by hip works; European Union, Carter Center, UN And sent by several experts from other regional organizations in Latin America and Africa, and it is clear that in Chile these missions are due to their very small number of groups. However, when the final review of Venezuela’s “mega-election” results takes place (if not before), criticism will rain from the eternal defenders of democracy, trying to blunt the electoral process and justify new attacks. Bolivarian government.

In Washington and Brussels, however, the verdict of the referendum should be a powerful deterrent to those who have been betting for years on a criminal “regime change” in the Caribbean. It is not possible for them to accept a different political course, because Washington is in absolute danger at any cost of Venezuela’s “recovery.” Will provide guidance on what is going to happen in both countries in the next few days.

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