June 25, 2024

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Violent struggles for new measures against Govt in various parts of the world | Shooting, clash with police, robbery

A New wave of protests They registered this weekend Europe and other parts of the world, On Rejection of health restrictions Imposed by various countries to face Corona virus grows back.

On Netherlands, At least 30 people were arrested After the second night Violent protests. According to the police version, the protesters were arrested for “insulting others”.

In The Hague, the official statement said, a group of protesters hurled stones and other objects at a popular compound and set fire to a bicycle, which was extinguished by water cannon by police. Five police officers were injured in The Hague and officials described the protests as a “revelry of violence”.

Port city Rotterdam, Meanwhile, recorded episodes of violence at protests on Friday night, in which Two were injured and 51 were arrested.

On Saturday there were rallies in Amsterdam and Preta (southern), “violent operations” in the small Protestant city of Urk in the center of the country, and in various cities in the province of Limburg (southern).

The Netherlands used the lockout again last week to counter the increase in Covit-19 casesIt should close at 8pm, especially with the ongoing health restrictions affecting the liquor and restaurant industry.


This Saturday following the announcement of the government The population will be re-controlled from Monday and the anticoagulant vaccine will be mandatory in February., About 35,000 people protested in the streets, called by the far-right FPÖ..

However, its leader, Herbert Kiggle, did not come in for a positive test for the corona virus.

Crowds gathered near the Chancellery, in the center of the Austrian capital, with banners denouncing the “crown-dictatorship” and chanting “Do not divide the community.” The protest took place amid heavy police surveillance.

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Other protests

In Australia, About 10,000 people protested in Sydney on Saturday, rejecting the vaccine against Govt-19.. In this country, 85% of the population over the age of 16 is vaccinated in two doses, and some professional groups require mandatory vaccination only in certain states and territories.

On Melbourne Thousands of protesters marched, while nearly 2,000 turned out to protest, the first such outbreak since the outbreak.

On Guadeloupe, French Antilles Island, mobilization of opposition to the Health Pass and compulsory vaccination of health workers, supported by trade unions and civil society organizations. Violent episodes and robbery.

Despite a curfew issued by authorities, pharmacies and cell phone shops were targeted by protesters.. “The night was very sad,” AFP was quoted as saying, “in Gosier and in Pointe-à-Pitre,” a police vehicle was “fired upon by direct bullets” against “mobile gendermary”.

According to the Pointe–Pitre case, Saturday night 16 people were arrested. After interrogation, five of them were detained, one for “intentional armed violence against a person representing public power.” Also, thousands of protesters marched on Saturday in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Curfew order in Germany

South German state Baden-Wர்டrttemberg Announced this Sunday Curfew ordered for those not vaccinated against corona virus in its three districts Schwarzwald-Boss, Ostalphkreis and Fiferach, as the country faces Its worst epidemic wave since the onset of the epidemic.

Residents in those unvaccinated districts will not be able to leave their homes between 9pm and 5am unless they are authorized for work reasons or medical emergencies, officials said.

The value of deciding the implementation of the curfew law, as explained by the head of the state Ministry of Social Affairs Uwe Lal Weekly events “600 cases per 100,000 population”.

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In the three districts where the restrictions were applied, the ban was broken: in seven days the new incidence of Govt-19 was 606 this Saturday in Schwarzwald-Bar, 702.2 in Ostalfgris and 631.9 in Fiberg, officials said.

With the exception of the curfew, authorities in all three districts announced Access to restaurants, hotels and retail outlets is restricted to those who have been vaccinated or who have been infected.

With 67% of the population vaccinated, Germany faces a strong lawsuit and stagnation in its vaccination campaign. Last week, For the first time in the country, more than 60,000 infections were reported in a single day, Over 65,000, days after, for the first time, 50,000 in a single day.

Beds for patients suffering from corona virus and other diseases are already in short supply in many hospitals, And Head of Outgoing Government, President Angela Merkel has warned The situation is “dramatic”. Faced with the situation, the heads of Germany’s federal states agreed on Thursday with the federal government to introduce restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated.