May 23, 2024

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Chile evacuates beaches and islands ahead of tsunami alert After the violent volcanic eruption in Tonga

Chile was ordered to evacuate most of its beaches before a tsunami followed The volcano erupted on the island of Tonga In the southeast of the Pacific. With the exception of two southern areas, 4,000 kilometers of the Chilean coast are to be evacuated. About 500 kilometers south of Santiago, I was able to observe how the sea receded.

Chilean authorities have warned people of the possibility of a tsunami Easter Island and the Juan Fernண்டndez archipelago are located about 3,000 kilometers west of Chile. Only the most important areas of Gokimbo (central-north) and Las Rios and Las Lagos (southern) are in a “tsunami alert” state because the tidal waves exceed one meter in height. ., Noted by the National Emergency Office (Onemi).

Residents of these regions received text messages “Leave the coast due to the small tsunami”. The southern parts of Aisen and Magallanes are the only exception. Since morning, the country has recorded variations in the height of the waves from 30 centimeters to one meter.

Onmi and the Chilean navy explained that they had implemented routine protocols in Chile after the earthquake that could cause a tsunami. Although with Underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga The behavior of waves and ripples is “irregular”. “This is something that has never happened to us, which prompts people to take precautionary measures quickly.”Navy Admiral Leonardo Chavez explained at a news conference.

During the Australian summer, thousands of people were stranded on Chile’s beaches and they were evacuated from coastal areas before their cell phones could be alerted. Accustomed to tsunami evacuation exercises, the Chilean men and women quickly set off for higher ground and farther off the coast. In places such as Tichato, about 500 kilometers south of Santiago, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake in 2010 recorded a tsunami that could have observed how the sea retreated from the coast, usually exposing several meters of sand. AFP reports that the sea is under water.

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