April 23, 2024

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An armed man has taken hostages at a synagogue in Texas, USA

Pictures of police holding hostages at a synagogue in Colville, Texas (Twitter)

A gunman stormed a synagogue in Goliville, Texas, on Saturday and took several people hostage.

Members Beth Israel Council They were in full retirement when the person entered.

The Colliville Police, He said through his Twitter account that he would be taking action with the SWAT team at 6100 Pleasant Run Street. “Everyone in the area is being evicted immediately. Please skip that part. ” Coleville is located 25 miles west of Dallas.

The FBI and the Texas Department of Public Security are also cooperating on the hostage situation, he said. CNN Colliville Police Sergeant Tara Nelson, said, Currently, no one is injured.

“FBI negotiators have been in contact with the person in the building,” Nelson said. “There is no threat to the public at this time,” he said.

Journalist Jessica Harke, who was at the scene, said on Twitter There was a live broadcast of the religious service for several minutes, where the phrases of the abductee were heard but no pictures of what was happening were shown.

“Don’t cry on the phone with me”, Listening in on streaming audio on Facebook. “Don’t cry for me, you bastard. I have 6 beautiful children … the hostages are dying in the synagogue … why are you crying?

More to come: “I’m going to die, do you hear me?..I’m going to die doing this, right? Are you listening to me? I’m going to die. Don’t cry for me “.

He also listens to: “Something is wrong in the United States.”

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Just before 2:00 pm, the man says: “You have to do something. I do not want to see this guy die.”. The broadcast ended in a few minutes.

Growing …

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