April 23, 2024

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Chile will open three land border crossings from December 1: entry requirements

The Government of Chile It has been reported that until December 1st Will reopen the three land border gods, One of them is with Argentina, Try to control after closing for eight months Corona virus infections.

Chileans, resident foreigners, non-resident travelers and children under 6 years of age with vaccinations verified by the Ministry of Health may enter.

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Despite this the health authorities accepted the decision New hikes have been recorded in recent weeks In daily recorded cases.

During the eight months that the land borders were closed, the Trans-Andean country could only be entered by air.

What are the border crossings that Chile opens from December

Reported by EFE Company, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health, Bala DasaWhat was saidYou can enter Chili By Three land boundaries: Chakkalluda And Colcan (North), which connects the Trans-Andean country with Peru and Bolivia, respectively. Hachado Pine, In the region of La Aragonia (south-central), at the crossroads with Argentina.

Three gateways Join the four activated airports: Santiago de Chile, IQ, Antofagasta and Punta Arenas.

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What will be the requirements for entry into Chile from December

Enter Chile, according to the Under Secretary of Health “Booster doses recorded and verified do not need to be isolated or tested Diagnosis upon arrival ”, but the rest should undergo PCR and isolation for five days if not vaccinated.

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Chile has returned to severe isolation despite an increase in corona virus infections

Despite the increase in infections, The Chilean government has refused to return to extreme isolation. This decision is based on the progress of vaccination in the population.

Chile reopens three land border crossings on December 1, one of which is Colsen (Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP)
Chile reopens three land border crossings on December 1, one of which is Colsen (Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP)

Thus said Dasa It is “impossible” to return to that action., Which has not been used in any part of the country for more than three months. “It seems to me that we do not need to take drastic measures like isolation. We know that they are very tough, drastic measures and the negative repercussions it can have,” he told the channel. TV.

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The official compared the current situation with the start of the second wave from April: “Today the condition of ICU beds is different, so despite the increase, today’s health condition is very different and a large percentage of the population is vaccinated,” he said.

The country administered more than 27.2 million vaccines, and 13.7 million people were vaccinated in two doses, of which more than 7 million received a third booster.