February 22, 2024

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This is how men treated transgender people entering prisons Chronicles

Christina Frost, Transgender woman imprisoned by men. Despite the demands, she was not transferred to another department, and while she was asleep, one of her cellmates attacked her and broke her jaw.. Now The case continued Against the California County authorities of San Diego, United States.

Frost explained in a document to the judge that he had been arrested on November 25, 2020. After his arrest, he told agents that he was transgender and that he had shown his gender-licensed driver’s license.

However, San Diego prison staff ignored his every successive complaint They put her in a “minimally monitored” room with three men. At night, one of them waited until Frost was asleep, so he attacked her.

Christina Frost’s relatives have released pictures of a trans woman (GoFundMe) to show how she was after being beaten by men in prison.

Agents intervened and finally removed the attacker from the cell, but she did not They imprisoned her for another 12 hours Before she could be released and hospitalized, the woman’s lawyers entered the court file.

“Throughout the time he waited he suffered pain from his injuries.” They insisted. In addition, they pointed out that because of this violent episode, Frost had to undergo two surgeries. Currently the woman has to wear false teeth, The Washington Post reports.

Transgender rights United States

An investigation by the American media NBC News has revealed that the rights of transgender people in North America are not respected by the authorities.

In that regard, they have detailed in their report released in February 2020 when transgender people will be arrested. They are imprisoned in facilities based on the gender assigned to them at birth, As happened with Christina Frost, in most cases the physical integrity of these individuals is endangered.

Finally, Frost’s case is based on the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom Sign the law establishing the state Home change prisoners according to their gender identity.

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