September 26, 2023

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China closes blockade on Taiwan: It ramps up military maneuvers and lays out its “unification” plan

China closes blockade on Taiwan: It ramps up military maneuvers and lays out its “unification” plan
China unveils economic “unification” plan for Taiwan, while ramping up its military maneuvers in the region (Europe Press)

China Resolute in its desire to take control TaiwanIn some way.

This Tuesday, as part of its plans, the regime Xi Jinping presented a plan Economic “integration” with the islandIt seeks to promote harmony and exchanges between the two regions.

Includes 21 measures promoted by the Central Committee and State Council of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Housing, study and work programs in China for Taiwanese. described it as “amounting to outlining the future development plan of the island”. Global TimesA harsh media supported by the communist state.

One of them focuses on the coastal province FujianBeijing is trying to change this A “demonstration zone” of this development. Integrated, with social services and school enrollment facilities for islanders who wish to move there. It also aims to deepen industrial cooperation.

The coastal province of Fujian is one of the pillars of this effort as Beijing seeks to turn it into a “demonstration zone” of this integrated development (REUTERS).

“This move aims to deepen cross-Strait integrated development in all sectors Advance the peaceful reunification of the motherland“, official state media reported China Daily.

With Fujian, the “peer cities” etc Xiamen, Relatives, Fuzhou And Matsu They will have “A More Important Role” In the attempt. The two main islands, Kinmen and Matsu, are located a few kilometers from mainland China and with excellent cultural and economic ties, but are under Taiwan’s control, which explains why Beijing has focused on them.

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Despite the enthusiasm of Xi Jinping’s regime, the news was not well received by Tsai Ing-wen’s administration and the islanders, who oppose most Chinese unification aspirations.

“The Chinese government has cut the leeks [expresión utilizada para describir a inversores crédulos en los mercados chinos] Now he addresses the Taiwanese among his own people.”A skeptical local media commentator said the crisis in the country’s real estate market is hampering its economic recovery and amid growing complaints against authorities for authoritarian measures.

Amid a crisis in the country’s real estate market, obstacles to its economic recovery and growing complaints against officials for authoritarian practices (REUTERS), Taipei is skeptical of the Chinese announcement.

For their part, many Taipei residents declared that they were not interested in the project. Terry Hung, a 37-year-old pharmaceutical worker, said it was “very dangerous”.

“I don’t want to invest in property Communist country, I will share my property with that government. I don’t want to work in a company Autocratic country Because human rights and labor rights are all controlled by the government. If one day your opinion does not agree with their position, You risk being arrested or detainedHe explained.

“Taiwanese cannot adapt because China’s political environment and environment are so different,” retired professor Hsieh also said.

The regime’s announcement came at the same time as Beijing’s dispatch Large number of warships to Taiwan watersWhile Xi moves forward with his peaceful reunification plans, it is a new sign that he has not ruled out the use of force, and on the other hand, it sends a contradictory message to the incentives offered to the Taiwanese.

At the same time as the announcement, Beijing sent a large number of warships into Taiwan’s territorial waters (Europe Press).

This Monday, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ordered the maneuvers of a ship-led attack aircraft carrier group. Shandongalong with dozens of fighter jets. “This undoubtedly represents a new threat”General Huang Wen-chi said.

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The next day, the Japanese Ministry of Defense warned of the presence Two flotillas of eight warships in Miyako StraitSouth of Okinawa.

They found out later this Wednesday Another 36 fighter jets take offNational Defense and Security Research Institute researcher Su Soo-yun warned Financial Times Altering its course away from Japanese waters, the group on Tuesday converged with the Shandong-led fleet and consequently Large maneuvers involving a Chinese aircraft carrier.

It should be noted that the last time the PLA stationed Shandong on the island was after a meeting with the President of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

In that sense, this week’s maneuvers could be in response to Washington’s joint exercises with allies and recent cruises in the strait, analysts explained.

This week’s maneuvers could be the PLA’s most important, responding to Washington’s joint exercises with allies and recent forays into the Straits (AFP).

On the other hand, it warned about the island’s defense portfolio FujianBeijing’s third and largest aircraft carrier, which could enter service “as soon as sea trials are completed in 2025”. “A major marine threat that we must seriously address in the future”.

Fujian weighs about 80,000 tons and is the PLA’s first aircraft carrier. This puts it ahead of Shandong and Liaoning, which are smaller and use less efficient jump ramps for ship departures.

In this case, Taiwan, for its part, is preparing to celebrate Presidential election. Taipei will go to polls next January in elections that are already expected to have heavy influence from Beijing – as has happened in the past.

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Xi’s efforts are mainly focused on weakening the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is a strong supporter of Taiwan independence and whose candidate, Vice President Lai Ching-te, is leading the polls.