October 3, 2023

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While playing at school, he found an 1800-year-old coin

While playing at school, he found an 1800-year-old coin

A An eight-year-old boy He was playing in the garden of his school yard in Germany Bremen, suddenly found a silver object that caught his attention. Later, when the element was examined, archaeologists discovered that it was A A silver coin about 1800 years old. Even if the little one finds it A historical treasure In August 2022, details of the discovery were revealed at a press conference last Friday.

BejarneName of the boy who found the coin, who first emailed a photo of his find to state archaeologists. Bremen. But the images aren’t high-resolution enough for scientists to tell what it is. For this reason, experts asked the boy to personally see what he had discovered.

The boy was playing in his school garden when scientists suddenly identified the coin and tried to classify it.Present seizure

This is how, through a detailed analysis, the experts of the ancient objects were able to see what they had saved Bejarne It was from the garden An ancient Roman denarius Created in the second century AD.

According to the Archaeological Commission of the State Bremen, Uda Halle, At the reproduction press conference German media Ruhr Nachritchen The piece weighs less than an ounce (one ounce = 28.35 grams) and is therefore believed to have been struck during inflationary periods, when coins were made of less silver than during more stable periods. “It was mixed with cheap copper,” Halle said. Originally, a denarius weighed almost twice as much as the found piece.

An 8-year-old boy found in a schoolyard became a 2nd century Roman Empire denarius.Capture / Present

Due to the antiquity of the coin, it is known It was designed during the leadership of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who ruled the Roman Empire from 161 AD to 180 AD. The funny thing is that the area of ​​northern Germany where the denarius was found was not part of the empire. For this reason, the unearthed coin is considered very unusual in that part of the world and how it got there is unknown.

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Speculations about How did that coin end up out of bounds? of Roman Empire There’s a lot out there. Experts believe that the fragment may have been swept away by the currents of a river that crossed the borders of the then Western Roman Empire.

Coin found by Bijarne is 1800 years oldBremen Senate for Culture

That’s another possibility The coin would have crossed the Empire because of trade or as booty from some raids or as payment to some mercenary who fought for Rome. Also, some ancient travelers may have converted the coin as a souvenir.

According to archaeologist Halle, the coin is a “very special” type of find. He noted that in Bremen, only two coins from the Roman Empire were found: one was found in the 1930s and the other was found in the second half of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, small Bejarne He said that he is happy to find this coin and soon this coin will be displayed. Bremen State Museum of Art, History and Culture, Folk Museum. “The piece can stay there, I can go see it at any time. Others can do the same,” the boy said at the same press conference where the denarius was presented, where he attended and addressed journalists as an archaeologist.