March 30, 2023

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Chinese doctor who revealed how the Beijing regime covered up the first coronavirus outbreak has died

Jiang Yanyong, the “hero of SARS”, denounced Chinese secrecy after the emergence of the coronavirus in 2003.

Doctor Jiang YanyongFamous for denouncing secrecy in 2003 Beijing rule Before the epidemic Acute and severe respiratory syndrome (SARS, in its English acronym), which has killed more than 774 people worldwide, died last Saturday at the age of 91, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

Jiang was born in 1931 in the Chinese city hangzhouIn South Eastern Province ZhejiangHe worked for many years Beijing Military General HospitalGreat honor to be the medical center of People’s Liberation Army (EPL).

“Jiang died on Saturday afternoon at the Army General Hospital after a long illness. A ceremony will be held at the hospital this Wednesday,” Radio Television T reported Hong Kong (RTHK)

In April 2003, Jiang was christened a “SARS hero” after the health center where he worked had patients covered up by the regime, a claim initially denied by Beijing but later acknowledged by it.

Jiang gained international fame after exposing military hospitals Beijing secretly treated hundreds of patientsThe government still estimates the number of victims at that time to be around 30.

As a result of their complaints, the Chinese regime recognized the dire situation A widespread infectious diseaseThis allowed for more disease control measures to be implemented and ultimately prevented the high number of people infected with the virus, which caused nearly 800 deaths worldwide.

Jiang Yanyong worked for many years at the Beijing Military General Hospital, considered the medical center of the People’s Liberation Army.
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The scandal led to the dismissal of China’s health minister and the mayor of Beijing.

A year later, Jiang asked in a letter to the Chinese government In 1989 to admit the “wrongdoing” of the Tiananmen massacre.

In that letter, Jiang asserted, “New leaders Commonwealth Party They should review the events of June 4”, referring to the night in 1989 when hundreds if not thousands of pro-democracy students were massacred by tanks and soldiers in China in the absence of official statistics. People’s Liberation Army.

The doctor was detained for seven weeks in 2004 for publishing a letter condemned by human rights groups and subjected to intensive “study sessions”, which referred to days of ideological re-education.

Jiang’s wife hua zhongweiA former researcher Academy of Military SciencesShe was arrested while on her way American Embassy to apply for a visa, but was released two weeks later.

This Wednesday, many internet users remembered Jiang’s image on social networks, calling him a “hero” and criticizing the official Chinese press for omitting any mention of his death.

Jiang’s case reminded the doctor in 2019 Li WenliangCondemned in December Wuhan Police After alerting his colleagues that the hospital where he worked had a group of patients with SARS-like pneumonia symptoms.

Li, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist, was reprimanded for “spreading rumours” and forced to sign a letter admitting his “mistake”.

Later, he contracted the new coronavirus Sars-Cove-2 What happens COVID-19and died, which unleashed a wave of tributes and criticism on Chinese social networks for the actions of authorities trying to silence him.

(with information from EFE)

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