March 30, 2023

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Colombia’s vice president refuses to classify Cuba as a dictatorship: “Democracy is not measured by the electoral aspect alone”

Francia Márquez asserted that Colombia suffered from dictatorship, but refused to qualify Cuba: a country’s dictatorship and democracy are not measured by electoral aspects alone. REUTERS/Henry Romero

Vice President of Colombia, Marquess of FranceThe Cuban regime refused to describe a Dictatorship Instead he praised his health system, though he said Colombia has them. This was reported during an interview given to a Colombian media outlet weekShe questions her about her recent visit to the island.

Journalist Vicky Davey asked him directly if Cuba was a dictatorship. The Colombian vice president dismissed it: “But why? In other words, it’s a blocked dictatorship, a dictatorship as you say, but it doesn’t send arms. Send the doctors. Isn’t that admirable?”

“According to you, is Cuba a dictatorship or not?” The journalist insisted. “Put a qualifier, I didn’t. I don’t put it like that… I respect the autonomy of every people and the sovereignty of every people. Each city decides how to organize itself politically.

Márquez assured that the responsibility for what the island is experiencing rests with the United States: “It cannot decide because it is blocked by the authorities. America has blocked it,” he asserted.

“You know how long Fidel Castro stayed, it was a dictatorship,” insisted Dávila. And the Vice-President replied: “Aren’t we eating here? Vicki?” Although the elections were held in Colombia, “with results that are more inequitable and inequitable in the world… A country’s authoritarianism and democracy are not measured by elections alone”.

For Marquez, a dictatorship is “measured not only by elections, but by social changes, by the guarantee of the rights of society.” He reiterated what he had said during his stay on the Caribbean island: “I said I admired him, I meant it. I appreciate the professional, preventive and all-supporting healthcare system for thousands of citizens, including Colombians. Because more than a thousand people trained there and did not get a chance here, in our nation and in our country. As you say they had it in another blocked nation or dictatorship.

Francia Márquez asserted that Colombia suffered from dictatorship, but refused to qualify Cuba: a country’s dictatorship and democracy are not measured by electoral aspects alone. EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa/File
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The Caribbean island has suffered under the continent’s longest dictatorship since 1959. One partyDissent is severely punished, with no room for dissenting voices or a free press Imprisonment or deportation Millions of people.

According to a recent report by an NGO Prisoners are guardsThere really are 1,066 political prisoners in Cuba And they are all constantly tortured. “In the last 12 months alone we have confirmed and added to our list 282 new political prisoners in Cuba,” the non-governmental organization said. Among them are 30 boys and 4 girls, a total of 34 minors who are still serving sentences (30 of them) or undergoing criminal investigation (4 of them).

In January, 11 new cases of political prisoners were registered, “mainly due to the persecution of activists working in solidarity with the families of political prisoners.” Instead, 22 prisoners left the list, the majority after fully complying with regime-imposed sanctions. Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Detainees are “without any judicial oversight or legal protection, judicial sentences or provisions to limit the freedom of prosecutors in flagrant violation of international law protecting due process and effective immunity,” he added.

Prisoners’ defenders complained to the United Nations that “this demonstrates with all legal rigor the systematic violation of rights in all cases of political imprisonment in Cuba. Punishment.

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