June 18, 2024

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Christina Kirschner in Honduras: The “People’s Return” Conference is over

Vice President Christina Kirschner hosted a conference at the National Autonomous University of Honduras. The country where he came to attend the inauguration of Siomara Castro. There he pointed out – in the midst of a debate with the IMF over the debt acquisition by the Mauricio Macri administration – against the adjustment policies promoted by “multilateral organizations” seeking to re-establish neoliberalism in the region. He also directly warned about the current of freedom that “seeks to overthrow the state.”

To impose these policies in Latin America, the former president explained that “those who funded the conspiracies will now fund the judicial conspiracies.” “Military conspiracies are no longer needed, and now we need to get educated judges on commissions and forums,” he said before a careful view of the crowd who came to hear him speak at length in the main hall of the National Autonomous University. In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and former Presidents of Paraguay Fernando Lugo are present.

His visit was not accidental. Christina Kirschner’s speech was entitled “The Return of the People”, a tribute to the success of Xiomara Castro’s thirteen years later overthrown by her husband, Manuel Zelaya, in a “soft conspiracy” backed by the judiciary and the legislature. The plot in Honduras is the first in a string that includes the illegal removal of Luko and Rousseff.

The role of the state

“What will happen when the state reduces its presence in education, health and the exploitation that affects climate change? Is there a vacuum that no one occupies? No, that vacuum is occupied by drug traffickers because they appear to be. Christina revealed.

The auditorium was packed to hear CFK.

From direct colonialism to economic subjugation

Frente de Todos’ political note began his presentation with an assessment of the various levels of oppression in the region, from the “direct colonization” of European powers to the “economic subjugation” of the first half of the 20th century. This was responded to by the first popular movements such as Peronism.

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He then recalled the finances and direction of popular governments and military conspiracies against the dumping of neo-liberalism. “After the new liberalism was imposed throughout the region, new popular and national movements began to appear with other names and heroes, but always with the same purpose, the right of the people to self-determination,” he insisted, beginning with a ten-year review. Was the protagonist.

Christina described the decade of progressive governments of the first decade of the 21st century as “a moral cycle” but acknowledged that “cities are undergoing reversal” and “no longer need to do it with the military”. “Now we need to get judges who have always been educated in funding the same way. They were the ones who funded the military conspiracies. They are the ones who are now funding the judicial conspiracies in Latin America.”

Consequences of neoliberalism

The Vice President explained that when the state is suppressed as “Narco appears” it is a problem for the community to fight with “work, health, education and progress”. “New liberalism is fighting to shrink the state, the libertarians want to overthrow the state, but what’s happening, what has happened, what is happening, what happens when these neoliberal principles are established? Narco appears,” he said.

In another part of his speech, the Vice President emphasized that “there is still arrogance in our communities and among our colleagues” and in particular called for the support of Hon’ble President-elect Siomaro Castro, who is waiting for a doubly difficult task. ” “It’s very difficult, because when a woman thinks to say it out loud, other than painting herself, combing her hair and dressing, they forgive it much less than men,” the vice president responded a few hours ago. Attending the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

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Other definitions

  • Judges do not judge according to rights and ethics, but in the interests of the majority of the people. ”
  • Those who are pushing for state shrinkage and adjustment policies across the region are the ones who are talking about fighting drug traffickers. Drug traffickers can only be combated from the Ministry of Defense, not from work, health, education or progress.
  • Adjustment policies refer to a terrible conflict and impact in everyday life. Not only in the case of drugs, but also in the event of climate change and natural disasters, when any irrational exploitation is allowed. ”
  • Too often, governments recognize anything because of a lack of resources, leaving behind the regulatory power to protect the living standards of their citizens and the inability to find income and resources. It is already known that when someone comes to invest, they demand certain conditions and the less they invest in environmental protection, the more profitable it is.
  • The demise or reduction of the state brings other things, far from bringing security and well-being. Lack of government control and stock to control how mining and oil exploitation are carried out. That’s not impossible, look at Norway. It has oil bases at sea, but due to technical investment it has safety conditions. Instead of earning a billion, they should earn 500 or 200, but they will not stop winning.
  • The great challenge facing our region and the world today is to see what are the grave problems that await everyone. Globally, if we want to fight drug trafficking, we must seriously discuss that the banks of the major powers must stop cheating the fortunes of drug traffickers.
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The whole conference