December 5, 2023

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Chronicle discovers a great secret about her best friend while helping her son

In social networks, users usually decide to reveal their privacy. Some of these publications are related to good events for them, but they want to reveal events about their lives. This was the case Hailey Custer, 28, has decided to talk about the experience she had when she helped her best friend give birth to her baby..

This young mother of four lives Arizona, United States. She decided to open her heart to her followers and that’s when she decided to post a video on her account. TikTok There he described something that changed his life.

Custer explained that when her best friend was pregnant, she had no place to live. Faced with this situation, she told him that she would help her in everything in her power. He was with her when she gave birth and then took her to her own home, but after living carelessly together for a few days, she found something shocking when she changed the baby’s diaper.

My friend is pregnant and homeless, so I approached her. I felt I had to help her. We were coming home from the hospital when she was changing the baby and when she rolled her neck, the birth defect appeared. When they were kids, it was so hard to see, I wasn’t looking for it“The woman chose not to reveal her girlfriend’s identity.

At that moment, the woman froze when she saw this birth defect or the birthmark of the creature. Because the mark was similar to someone close to her, her husband. Travis bowling (36)

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“Then my friend was standing next to me and I looked at her and felt. He could not say anything, he tilted his head and looked at the floor, I know. I was shocked at first. I could not process what had happened and it was a phase of grief. I went through shock and anger and came to the conclusion that this is real life, this is really happening.“She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine.

A woman finds her best friend’s baby because of her own husband’s birthmark.

In that sense, Hayley revealed that she was in everything for her friend. The child acted not only as a companion but also as a father. That’s why she didn’t understand how to relate to her husband who shared six years of her life and had a son.

I was there for her every step of the way. Even in the hospital I was wearing the wrist band my dad gave me when she took the epidural and she lay on me. I bathed the baby first, dijo Custer a Caters.

But that’s not all. When confronted by her husband, she found it In six years of marriage, he has cheated on her with at least 30 women. In fact, she had two other children she did not know. “It was so brilliant, so I don’t think it’s possible to do that.”, He pointed out.

“I was a little shocked. But I prayed. I wanted to get out of that feeling of going through the interior of the tunnel,” he said. He said. After all, Custer decided to forgive his friend and continue their friendship. As for her ex-husband, she chose to maintain a good relationship, but only for the benefit of their son.

Clip Custer posted TikTok, Went viral fast, charged high 3.4 million views. “I have some comments from narcissistic men that if I had cared for him my ex-husband would not have done what he did. Most people supported me, except for a few who were angry at my friend.“, He concluded.