June 19, 2024

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She left home after being abused by her father and husband, moved to live on the street, and was raped by 400 people.

The story of a 16 year old girl India It is as strong as the outrageous. In childhood, girl She was raped by her father, In turn He persuaded her to marry 33-year-old Pedophile When she was 13 years old.

In front The continuous rape she experienced at home, young lady Decided to escape and live on the street, According to a report released by CNN. However, his life at home was even worse: he was raped about 400 times.

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400 rapes: Complaint of a girl under 16 years of age

Chairman of Indian Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Abhay Vitalrao Vanave, confirmed to be a minor Survived a few weeks Asked for money at a bus stop, but soon went back to hell.

Before the CWC, he reported being forced into prostitution and condemned it 400 strangers raped her for six months In the Beat district of the state of Maharashtra in India.

“Although it is difficult to confirm the number of alleged rapists, The girl can identify at least 25 culprits.Vanave said about the first talks he could have with the boy.

How was the rescue, and how many people were arrested

“The girl was rescued by a voluntary charity and brought to us, After which a crime was registered on November 8, “the investigating officer of the Indian Police confirmed,” Kavita Nergar, In a TV interview with the media Times of India.

The example of a 16-year-old girl who was raped by hundreds of men is deep in some cities, where child rape is common.
The example of a 16-year-old girl who was raped by hundreds of men is deep in some cities, where child rape is common.

According to the agent, they have been detained so far. Six men of legal age and one minor, Sent to a reform facility.

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Those arrested include The girl’s father, who is married to her and is said to be a pimp That he too had abused the minor.

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“I had to leave my studies and follow the same path as my mother and my maternal grandmother.”

The case highlights the harsh reality that Indian women live in many states despite the legal age of consent. The death penalty for those who sexually abuse minors under this age or under 12.

In Bachara, according to a report released by CNN, men Eldest daughters are forced to become prostitutes by the age of 10 or 12. And as they age, a The younger sister replaced her.

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Young women are often raped and abused by older men –Many times, his pimps are his own father or siblings-, and over the years the nature of this horrible behavior has been passed down from generation to generation.

The boys in the family live on the income these women earn. “I was 15 years old when they persuaded me to do this. I had to leave my studies and go the same path as my mom and my maternal grandmother.Heena from Bachchara told the BBC.